American Income Life Insurance Company

So many life insurance companies have made a name for themselves by selling their products to anyone who would buy. American Income Life Insurance Company, on the other hand, caters to the working family and has done so for many, many years. As advocates for the working family they work with national and local leaders to institute changes in policy reflecting core values while they actively campaign and invest in that which promotes the public agenda. Through funds that are donated each and every year, labor and labor related issues are supported and in total $3.5 million dollars have been donated thus far.

Where American Income Life Insurance is Available
American Income Life is quickly becoming a premier name in life insurance serving the working class family in Canada, the United States and even in New Zealand. It’s all about the working family and American Income has established a solid foundation through their supplemental benefits written for the working family. The seek to build long lasting relationships with families who are looking to provide life insurance coverage for their families to protect them against loss should the ‘bread winner’ no longer be there to care for his or her family. This is serious business to American Life.

Innovative Products at No Cost to Policy Holders
So many life insurance companies will provide great insurance for their customers but for the most part, that is where the benefits end. American Income Life has a whole line of products available to their insured clients that cost absolutely nothing. Among these products are:

  • Social Security Benefits Update
  • Child Safe Kit©
  • Identity Theft Prevention Brochure
  • Family Information Guide
  • Partners™ Basic Discount Program
  • Group AD&D

Further information on each of those products is available on the American Life Insurance website, but you can see by just a cursory glance that most insurance companies just don’t offer these types of benefits at no cost to their insured.

American Life Insurance Premium Products
Rather than just carrying term and/or whole life insurance products, American Life Insurance also has a line of products that can cover extreme needs such as terminal illnesses, strikes and layoffs. Premium products sold by American Life Insurance Company include:

  • Layoff premium waivers
  • Whole & Term Life Insurance
  • Strike premium waivers
  • Accident & Hospital coverage
  • Cancer coverage
  • Terminal Illness coverage
  • Critical Illness coverage

Many of us just don’t stop to think about the fact that death is not the only situation that will take us away from our families. Sometimes critical illnesses, injuries, cancer, accidents and even being out of work makes it impossible for us to provide the financial support our families so desperately need. American Life Insurance has you covered. While browsing through the website, take the time to look at some of these innovative products so that your family will be taken care of in the event you are unable to do so.

Since there are so many life insurance companies that simply sell life insurance without a worry for the working family, American Life Insurance Company is like a light in the tunnel. Not only do they provide life insurance and other types of coverage for eventualities that threaten a family’s financial stability, American Life also provides many innovative products at no cost so that families can learn to protect themselves in ways that insurance cannot. From taking steps to prevent child abduction to keeping seniors apprised of Social Security updates, American Life Insurance Company has working families in mind.

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