AKC Pet Insurance

Anyone who owns a pet knows that veterinary costs are skyrocketing which is a major concern. With the rising cost of annual vaccinations and booster shots there is little left in our budget to take them to the vet when they become ill or injured in any way. Because of this, most pet owners are looking for pet insurance that works similar to their own health plans with the exception that it is a policy written for four-legged family members. One of the best choices based on cost and coverages offered is AKC Pet Insurance that has five different plans available which can meet varying level of needs to suit almost any budget.

The American Kennel Club
Since the American Kennel Club has been in existence since 1884, they have become one of the most trusted names in any household with a dog or cat. Unfortunately, many people simply associate the AKC with the fact that they provide certification for pedigreed animals. They are so much more than that and have made great strides in educating the pet owners in areas such as caring for dogs and cats, training and of course grooming and showing dogs for competition. They now offer five unique AKC Pet Insurance plans that are touted as being the best coverage on the market today.

AKC Pet Insurance Plans
The five AKC Pet Insurance plans provide varying levels of coverage, but one thing that most pet owners have come to appreciate is the covered boarding fees that can add up if the owner needs to be hospitalized for any reason for longer than 48 hours. From routine health checkups to diagnostics and surgical procedures, AKC Pet Insurance gives owners the peace of mind knowing that their beloved pet will have the best veterinary care. Plans include:

  • The Wellness Plus Plan
  • The Wellness Plan
  • The Essential Plus Plan
  • The Essential Plan
  • The Accident Plus Plan

With the very best coverage being the Wellness Plus Plan, each plan has varying degrees of coverage. Premiums are based accordingly.

The Wellness Plans
Both the Wellness Plus Plan and the Wellness Plan provide benefits that the other three options don’t cover. For example, the Wellness Plus Plan covers spaying/neutering which is not covered on the other plans. The Wellness Plan, like the Plus Plan, reimburses for many preventative costs such as dental cleaning once annually, flea, tick and heartworm prevention and vaccinations. Such things as diagnostics and lab tests are covered along with the previously mentioned boarding fees if the owner is hospitalized. These plans are considered to be top of the line since the coverages are so complete and the dollar amount covered is high as well.

The Essential Plans
For dogs and cats between the ages of 10 weeks and 9 years of age, the Essential Plans (either the Essential Plus or the Essential) cover accidents and illness including cancer. Both plans have a $125 deductible per incident and coverage for accidents begins on the first day while illnesses are covered after day 31. These two of the AKC Pet Insurance plans provide great starter plans but keep in mind that neither one covers any routine health exams or preventative treatments.

The Accident Plus Plan
If cost is an issue but you would like to know that you have the necessary protection in the event that your beloved dog or cat is injured the Accident Plus Plan is the most affordable. The list of ‘accidents’ that are covered include such things as motor vehicle accidents, snake bites, accidental choking, head trauma and lacerations, to name a few. The deductible per incident is $75 along with a 10% co-pay at the time of services. Even though this plan doesn’t offer any kind of routine office visit or preventative treatment it does provide the peace of mind in knowing that your pet will receive the necessary medical attention in an emergency situation.

While there are other pet insurance providers out there, the American Kennel Club is a well trusted name which lends credibility to AKC Pet Insurance. As a member of your family your pet deserves the very best in health care insurance that you can afford and the AKC has a plan that fits any budget.

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