Aetna Vision Insurance

Everyone should have an annual eye exam to maintain good ocular health. It is important to watch for diseases of the eye that worsen over time without treatment, such as glaucoma or cataracts for example. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, it is even more important to have your yearly exam, as well as some kind of eye insurance. There are many different companies that offer this type of insurance including Aetna. You can get Aetna vision insurance through your current health insurance policy through this company. If you already have an Aetna health insurance plan provided by your employer, inquire with Human Resources or your insurance provider to see if vision coverage is already included or available.

Aetna vision insurance should take care of your annual exam and certain glasses and/or contact lenses. Treatment for eye injuries should also be covered under your plan. Certain things like LASIK corrective surgery and colored contact lenses, for example, are most likely going to excluded because they are not necessary for sight or healthy eyes. Even if you do not wear glasses or contacts, annual exams are important not just to catch conditions like those mentioned above but to screen for certain other conditions. For example you may not know that diseases like diabetes can have an effect on the eyesight.

Another thing that Aetna vision insurance may not cover is serious injury to the eyes due to severe trauma, for example from an accident. In this case, the main medical insurance would cover any surgery or reconstructive treatment. If you have questions about coverage areas and exclusions, speak to an Aetna insurance agent who can clear up the details of your policy and/or vision discount plan.

You don't have to get employer provided insurance in order to take advantage of vision benefits. You can purchase Aetna health insurance and Aetna vision insurance on your own under an individual policy, however it is going to be more expensive. The Internet is a great place to get quotes on different policies for free, and it only takes moments of your time. You can also submit your application online, however you will need to speak to an insurance agent to confirm the information on your application. From there, the application will go to underwriting for approval or denial.

The underwriting department verifies all your information and calculates your risk. They will approve or deny your application after which you will get something in the mail to notify you. If approved, you will also receive a large packet of information about your insurance policy, how and when to pay, coverages and exclusions and much more. There should be a toll-free number for reporting claims as well as a number for your insurance agent if you have problems or questions about your Aetna vision insurance.

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