Aetna Student Health Insurance

For over 25 years Aetna has been providing comprehensive health insurance coverage to students all over the US. There are currently over 500,000 graduate and undergraduate students at a variety of different educational institutions across the nation being covered by Aetna. The financial institutions range from very small and private to those extremely large and well known.

Aetna in Cooperation with Universities
Many of the colleges and universities offer a wide variety of health services right on campus and some of them offer little to none. Whatever the case Aetna, through cooperation with university and college partners is able to offer a high standard in student health insurance. In addition, Aetna continues to make health care coverage affordable for students by keeping their premium costs as competitive as possible. The list of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies that accept Aetna is one of the largest in the nation.

What Aetna Covers
There are many different student health insurance plans available through Aetna. A student can opt for a comprehensive or full service plan or he/she may choose to stick with the most basic coverage. The needs of each individual as well as the budget will determine the level of coverage as well as the deductible that must be paid. Because Aetna has such a large network of physicians and hospitals there is almost no limit to the type of coverage a student can get through this insurance giant. Some of the following coverages are available through Aetna.

Obviously, it goes without saying that a student carrying Aetna health insurance would be covered for all basic medical care. However, there are other things that Aetna may cover depending on the plan a student has. Regular physicals as well as hospitalizations and surgeries are all covered by Aetna. The amount a student must pay in deductibles and co-pays on things like procedures and prescription drugs will vary based on the plan.

Students can choose to purchase dental coverage through Aetna as well. This coverage typically covers a specific number of regular dental check ups and teeth cleaning as well as extractions and oral surgeries. Dental is usually an option that is not automatically given with the basic medical care. Dental coverage is important though as having to pay to go to the dentist out of pocket can become quite expensive. Aetna recognizes this and as a result offers a very good dental plan.

Vision is extremely important coverage for students to have. Making sure that prescriptions are up to date and that the student’s eyes are taken care of can make a very big difference. Even students who have had no previous problems with their eyes may want to opt for vision coverage as one never knows what may happen in the future. Having optional vision coverage can ensure that a student will be covered in the event some sort of optical injury or illness occurs. In addition, there are many other conditions an eye doctor may be needed for. If an illness occurs that causes problems specific to the eyes it is important to have vision coverage.

Some students are not covered under their parents’ plans and as a result must obtain coverage of their own. Fortunately, Aetna is offered so widely across the country through so many different schools and institutions. There is never a reason for a student to be without medical coverage. While young and healthy people often dismiss the possibility that anything could go wrong with them, there is always the possibility of being injured or becoming ill and for this reason Aetna’s health insurance plans for students are wise choices.

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