Aetna Individual Dental Insurance

Founded in 1853, Aetna is one of the most well established and experienced health insurance providers in the world, and is also a consistent member of the Fortune 100 list. Aetna specializes in providing a variety of healthcare types, including but not limited to dental, disability, long-term care, group life, behavioral health, pharmacy, medical management, and healthcare management services. Aetna is committed to helping individuals achieve financial and healthcare goals by providing simplified access to affordable, quality health care services. Aetna is perhaps one of the most diverse insurance providers, offering a plethora of unique, revolutionary, and custom tailored products and services to accommodate a wide range of client needs. The following paragraphs briefly review Aetna individual dental insurance, including coverage details, cost, and the importance of having a dental insurance plan.

What Is Aetna Individual Dental Insurance Cover?
The exact level of coverage provided with your Aetna individual dental insurance policy will depend on the specific policy chosen. In general, a dental insurance plan will usually cover expenses related to routine dental cleanings, dental x-rays, and routine checkups. While some Aetna individual dental insurance plans may only cover a fraction of the costs associated with these services, others (full coverage) will pay for them completely. Aside from routine services, dental insurance also usually covers special procedures such as root canals, cover fillings, and crown installations. Unfortunately, Aetna individual dental insurance usually does not cover cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or invisible braces. It is also important to note that there is typically a waiting period (usually between three months and a year) that must elapse before Aetna will begin providing coverage for non-basic procedures. Most insurance companies utilize such a waiting period to prevent the risk of approving applicants that are in immediate need of expensive dental procedures.

How Much Does Aetna Individual Dental Insurance Cost?
Although the cost of an Aetna individual dental insurance policy will vary depending on the type of coverage needed, the monthly premiums associated with individual policies usually ranges anywhere from $7-$30. However, if you are in need of a family dental insurance plan, you'll probably pay anywhere from $12-$75 per month. Even with comprehensive dental coverage, it is important to note that you'll often be required to provide a co-pay of $5-$50 for exams, diagnostic testing, routine cleanings, and fillings. It is also important to note that dental insurance usually does not cover the full cost of dental procedures, but rather provides a certain level of monetary assistance to remove some of the financial burden associated with dental healthcare costs.

Do You Need Aetna Individual Dental Insurance?
To answer this question you will need to thoroughly assess your dental healthcare needs, compare prospective dental insurance policies, and inquire about the level of coverage that will be provided, as well as the monthly premiums that will be required. For individuals that only utilize basic dental healthcare services such as routine cleanings, dental insurance may not be essential, however it will certainly help in times of need. If you're expecting the need for expensive dental procedures then an Aetna individual dental insurance policy can be the financial relief needed to cover up to 50% of the costs associated with these procedures. It is important to realize, however, that dental insurance policies rarely cover the full cost of dentist visits and oral surgery procedures. Nonetheless, by choosing to purchase an Aetna individual dental insurance policy you can minimize the costs associated with maintaining your dental health through patient discounts, visit co-pays, and various other benefits. Essentially, if you want to ensure your dental health without paying a lot of money to do so, an Aetna individual dental insurance policy would be the best solution.

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