Aetna Health Insurance

There probably isn't a household in the United States that hasn't heard of Aetna Health Insurance. As one of the nation's oldest and biggest health insurance providers, Aetna provides group health insurance plans that employers can offer under their benefits packages and health insurance to individuals, families and small business owners. While Aetna Health Insurance is available through employers in every state, insurance products for individuals, families and small business owners are only available in 32 states listed on the Aetna website. Not all of the following health insurance products are available in each of those states.

HMO – Health Maintenance Organization
One of the main benefits that the Aetna Health Insurance HMO plan offers is lower deductibles. Unfortunately, this plan is only available in the State of Pennsylvania. This type of plan coordinates all healthcare through a primary care doctor within the network who then refers to other doctors and specialists as needed.

PPO – Preferred Provider Organization
When joining a PPO, members are not limited to a Primary Care Physician and actually have a broad range of doctors from within the network to choose from without a referral. This type of plan offers lower premiums that are balanced against deductibles. Coverages include preventative care, prescription drugs, hospital care, emergency care, outpatient surgery and care under specialists.

Preferred Provider Organization – Value
The Aetna Health Insurance PPO Value plan has even lower monthly payments that are balanced against a higher deductible. Benefits are the same as the standard PPO plan, but with the advantage of being more affordable. Members can still choose from a wide range of healthcare providers but will need to pay higher deductibles during the calendar year.

High Deductible PPO
Most often people opt for a PPO plan that carries a high deductible because their monthly premiums are also much lower. This type of plan is often paired with an HSA (Health Savings Account) that is tax deductible. An HSA allows members to save money in an account that usually has a debit type card that is used for medical expenses as needed. Any money left in the account at the end of the calendar year does roll over and is not lost.

Preventive & Hospital Care
For individuals and families who have basic medical needs and want low monthly premiums, this is the plan that probably is best suited for them. Members can choose deductibles which will influence payments to some extent, but will still be more affordable than a PPO or HMO plan. Along with hospitalization and emergency care, the plan covers routine exams by doctors. Out of pocket expenses are controllable through a range of available annual deductibles.

Managed & POS Choice Open Access
Aetna Health Insurance also offers two innovative types of plans called Managed and Point of Service Open Access. These plans are a blend of PPO and HMO plans and have many benefits similar to both. The POS option allows the insured to choose either the PPO or HMO option each time he/she visits a doctor while the Managed option provides doctors within the network, much like an HMO. The difference is that choices are not limited to doctors within the network.

Because there are so many health insurance products offered by Aetna, there is a plan that can meet the needs of almost anyone. However, some plans are only available in certain markets and individual/family health insurance through Aetna is only offered in 32 states. If it is available where you live, you can get a quote online or through a local licensed agent in order to compare pricing and plans to find one that best suits your needs.

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