Access America Travel Insurance

Access America is owned by the world's largest insurance company, Allianz, and they are the travel insurance brand of Mondial Assistance. Access America not only provide travel insurance, but also offer corporate assistance, concierge services, and have other numerous partnerships which include airlines, event ticket brokers, corporations, travel agencies, resorts, universities and credit card companies.

Access America offer a wide range of travel insurance. They have their standard plans which are Access America Basic, Access America Classic and Access America Deluxe. Their basic plan is geared towards providing insurance and assistance for the budget minded traveler, whereas the classic is more for travelers who take cruises, tours and family vacations. The deluxe plan offers a whole host of additional benefits such as primary coverage for emergency medical and dental, and coverage for business related issues.

They also offer a range of single trip plans which include the Rental Car Damage Protector which is typically for the traveler who does not wish to rely on their personal auto insurance to cover a rental car. Any claims that are made from a personal auto insurance policy may mean that you at risk of your rate increasing or even you getting your coverage dropped altogether. Access America's rental car damage protection provides an affordable alternative for primary collision/loss damage.

Another single trip plan that is aimed at driving vacations is their Drive Protection plan. This type of insurance plan starts from as little as $7 a day. Their final single trip plan is the QuickTrip Protector. This is the ideal insurance plan for travelers who wish to go away at a moment's notice, and are not particularly worried about cancelling their trip. Many of us end up looking for last-minute holidays, and often there is not enough time to purchase a suitable insurance policy or plan. This is where QuickTrip Protector is ideal.

Access America are also offer numerous multi-trip plans which include Med Evac. This plan is able to provide peace of mind should you ever need a medical evacuation while away on holiday. This may seem highly unlikely, although if you were to suffer from something such as a heart attack or broken leg while stuck in a remote location, you will probably need medical evacuation. They offer three different types of plans which will cover for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. These plans are able to provide worldwide medical transportation benefits for up to $1 million.

Access America also offers the Annual Travel Protection plan. This type of plan is typically geared towards the traveler who takes multiple trips every year. It can provide a year’s worth of protection for health, property and travel costs. Their final multi-trip plan is the Annual Business Traveler Protection plan. This, as the name implies, is geared towards the average business traveler who typically takes 5 to 6 trips a year.

They offer four different plans for the business traveler which include Executive, which provides trip cancellation, trip interruption coverage and business concierge. There is also a Long Haul plan which is specifically designed for occasional international business travel. This plan provides emergency medical coverage which is able to supplement an employee health plan. There is also a Road Warrior plan which is able to provide coverage for business equipment and equipment rental. The final business based plan is known as Essential. This plan is specifically designed for the occasional business traveler and provides protection for rental car, emergency medical transportation business equipment, and access to 24-hour emergency travel and health assistance.

Access America has an in-depth website which provides many details about the different types of travel insurance that they offer. They have a section specifically aimed at giving travel tips which include winter travel, summer travel, travelling with kids, travelling with pets, packing tips, international travel, travelling by air and also leaving home. They also have an educational section which will explain why it is important to have travel insurance, as well as numerous testimonials from satisfied customers. You are also able to get a quote on any number of their travel insurance plans, and you also have the opportunity to purchase a travel insurance policy without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Their website will provide a thorough description of the coverage that each type of travel insurance plan offers, as well as any general exclusions that you should be aware of. Many of their travel insurance plans will have special notes which will typically decipher and define any terms or phrases that may not be familiar to you. You also have the opportunity to call them anytime to discuss your individual needs and circumstances, and they have provided a toll-free number for you to phone. Their website is not only aimed at customers wishing to purchase travel insurance, but they also include an agent centre which offers a personalized homepage, as well as exclusive agent tools and information. This will help any outside agents discuss and sell Access America's Travel Insurance plans with the greatest of ease.

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