AARP Dental Insurance

AARP dental insurance is a plan that is provided by the non-profit membership organization AARP. The insurance provided by AARP is designed for those who are 50 and over and dental coverage is only one of the many insurance benefits that members are entitled to. AARP developed a partnership with Delta Dental Insurance Company to provide dental coverage to members. Those who belong to AARP are eligible for various PPO plans from Delta Dental Insurance Company.

There are several options regarding AARP dental insurance. These include the Delta Dental PPO plan, AARP dental plan A and AARP dental plan B. There are various factors taken into consideration to determine just who is eligible for each plan. Those looking at the Delta PPO Dental plan are provided benefits such as the option of choosing their own dentist and changing dentists whenever they want, without the need for notification to the dental carrier. This plan offers a higher coverage amount for providers that are included in the Delta Dental network but members do have the option of choosing dentists that are not included in the network. Delta PPO plans pay the dentists directly for dental costs. Members simply have to pay their co-pay amount and Delta Dental takes care of the claims as well.

Under the AARP Dental Insurance coverage, members are given two different options. They can choose AARP Dental Plan A that covers 100 percent of any and all preventative as well as diagnostic procedures. Members also receive 80 percent of coverage for all periodontal cleanings as well as denture relining and repairs. Fillings, oral surgeries and root canals are covered at 50 percent and after being enrolled for a full year, members receive an additional 50 percent of coverage for all crown restorations, dentures and other procedures. This plan provides 100 percent dental accident coverage as well and the deductible for this plan is typically $50 with a maximum annual benefit of just over $1,000.

Under AARP Delta Plan B members receive some of the same benefits with a few exceptions. While Plan A provides 100 percent coverage on certain preventative and diagnostic procedures, Plan B covers only 80 percent of these procedures. The entire 50 percent coverage package that is included in Plan A is also included in Plan B. The deductible for Plan B is also a bit higher at $100 instead of $50 and the maximum benefit amount is $1,000 as opposed to Plan A that has a $1,350 maximum benefit amount.

AARP Dental Insurance is available for all AARP members. Each member has the option of also enrolling spouses, domestic partners and children under 26 years of age. All dependent children who are disabled are also eligible for enrollment. The minimum enrollment period for all AARP Dental plans is one full year or twelve months. There is also a thirty day period directly following enrollment where members can withdraw from the plan without penalties provided the benefits have not been used. It is important to understand that when enrollment is cancelled all members of the family lose coverage. Enrollment may be suspended by AARP if premiums are not paid regularly.

If you are looking for a dentist that is included in the AARP network, you can head to the official AARP website and look at the approved providers. Remember however that you can also choose your own dentist under these plans, although benefit amounts may be lower for providers that are not included in the official network. If you are looking for a specialist that is close to your area it may be best to call the membership organization directly and speak with a representative. Specialized care is provided through a variety of providers and there is an option on the website that allows you to find specialists and general dentists within 50 miles of your home. You can also do an advanced search to find the specific dental care that you need or a specific dental care provider that is located fairly close to your area.

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  1. I am looking to see why my bills are much larger (often twice) the amount that my Delta Dental Benefits book states I am supposed to pay. My dentist left the DD PPO network several years ago, but still belongs to the DD Premier Network. I read that was an advantage for me. Do you pay PPO dentists less than Premier dentists or the same contractual amount that you pay Premier dentist? I am finding that my dentist's billing office (he is in a group and doesn't take any part in it) sometimes sends Delta Dental a total amount that is half what I am told is the total amount, so that when DD pays, it is only 1/4th the amount of my bill. I read that Premier Dentists charge a contractual fee agreed upon with DD to its PPO patients. Is that not true? I need to know since I am faced with some very hefty bills despite my AARP Delta Dental PPO A coverage.