Water Damage Insurance

There are many things that you need to consider when purchasing homeowner’s insurance. First, if you live in an area that is prone to heavy rains and/or flooding then flood insurance is a must. Flood insurance is different from water damage insurance. A water damage policy will cover the cost of repairing or replacing certain things in your home should you be a victim of things such as broken pipes. It is important to understand that while most water damage insurance policies will cover things such as busted bathroom pipes and overrun tubs, they may not cover water damage that is done due to negligence.

Typically, any damage that is caused by water other than flooding is covered under your water damage insurance, again provided that the cause is not negligence by you or another member of your household. Certain things are covered more readily than others. If for instance you have a leak in your upstairs bathroom pipes and water floods your carpeting then that carpet will be covered under your policy. Normally any damage that is considered to be accidental is covered by a water damage policy.

Overflowing bathtubs are normally considered to be accidental so this may also be covered although you will need to check the specific policy that you purchase to ensure just what is covered and what is not. Again, water damage that is caused by flooding or heavy rain is normally not covered under a standard water damage policy. You will need to purchase separate flood insurance for this.

Anything that is considered to be caused by poor maintenance or negligence is normally not covered. If for instance you have a leaky pipe that has caused damage in the past and you claimed that damage on your policy but did not repair the pipe, then future damage may not be covered. Water damage is normally included in a homeowner’s insurance policy. If you are unsure of whether or not you have specific coverage for water damage then you should carefully review your policy or speak with your insurance agent.

If you do have water damage and need to file a claim, this should be done as quickly as possible. You will first need to contact your insurance company and alert them of the damage that you are planning to claim. Your specific agent can give you detailed instructions on how to properly file your claim. You should note that it is always important to keep contact numbers for your insurance company in a safe place where you can get to them easily. Also make note of any and all communication between you and your insurance company when you begin filing your claim.

Your insurance company may send someone out to document the damage on your claim. You should also take pictures of the damage yourself and document specifically where the damage is located and any other pertinent information regarding your claim. Remember that if your damage is caused by negligence or bad maintenance your insurance company may very well refuse to pay for the repairs or replacements. You may have to repair part of the damaged areas yourself. Check with your insurance company about doing your own repairs and be certain that you keep track of all of your receipts for any tools or materials so that your insurance company can reimburse you for your work.

The time that it takes to process your water damage claim will depend on your specific insurance company. Keep in close contact with your agent until you get the matter resolved. If you have any objections regarding your claim your agent can instruct you on how to properly file an appeal of the decision with your state insurance commissioner. Finally, remember that water damage can be very disastrous and replacing or repairing damaged areas of your home can be quite costly. If your homeowner’s insurance does not contain water damage protection, check with your agent about adding this protection as soon as you can.

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