VSP Vision Insurance

VSP (Vision Service Plan) vision insurance is, without doubt, the most popular choice of eye care plan available in the marketplace. VSP have over 50 years of experience and they have partnered with the vast majority of major health insurance companies. This has enabled them to offer low-cost vision insurance plans. They were initially started by a group of optometrists and became widely known for offering the first prepaid, non-profit vision insurance plan.

VSP vision insurance currently have over 55 million members and therefore serves one in six people in the United States with specialist eye care coverage. They currently have contracts with over 35,000 clients and offer a total of 100+ health plans. In order to properly educate both their clients and members they have recently developed their very own VSP eye health management program. They, obviously, have their own direct sales force, but in addition to this they work closely with more than 16,000 brokers and consultants. This will include a general agents, brokerage firms and independent consultants.

The VSP vision insurance plan allows you to have access to more than 26,000 doctors in approximately 20,000 offices throughout the United States. It will make no difference whether you live in a city, a rural area, or in the suburbs you will always have access to a doctor. All of VSP's doctors are able to offer eye examinations and indeed eyewear, which means that you will never have to go anywhere else for vision insurance.

Many people believe that they do not need a regular eye exam and this may be because they have 20/20 vision or have recently undergone laser vision surgery. However, there is a direct correlation between annual eye exams and your overall health. Not only will a VSP doctor check for vision problems during an eye exam, they are also able to spot the signs of other health conditions which may include high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetic eye disease.

VSP vision insurance will typically save you a lot of money in the long run. Depending on what you exactly need from a vision service plan, you will typically afford savings of anywhere from $300 up to $500 per year. As VSP vision insurance has such a wide choice of doctors to choose from it is likely that you will establish a great relationship with your eye doctor. Therefore, this will enable them to see the differences in your overall eye health and indeed vision over a period of time. You will find that all of the VSP's doctors work in private practices. This will essentially mean that your doctor is likely to stay in practice for many years and therefore you never have to worry about visiting a new doctor each and every year.

VSP is able to offer their insurance plans to both individuals and businesses. As an individual you can purchase this type of insurance if you do not have any other form of vision coverage, or if you believe the coverage supplied by your employer is insufficient. You will typically find that many employers are unable to offer a vision care cover, but this is definitely the type of insurance plan that the vast majority of people need. An individual plan will cover you for preventative care, eyeglasses, and many other eye care related expenses. The cost of this type of insurance will very much depend upon the plan that you decide to select, although you are able to purchase coverage from as little as $15 a month.  This basic form of coverage will typically cover you for eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, you should be aware that this plan will not cover the cost of laser eye surgery, although it may enable you to receive a significantly large discount off the cost of surgery.

VSP's business plans are suited to most types of businesses, small or large. A company would generally cover the monthly premium for all their employees, although this will depend on the type of company you work for. Certain smaller sized businesses will typically only pay a fraction of the monthly premiums, and the employee will need to pay the remainder. In order to find out whether your employer offers this type of insurance it is best to speak with your human resources department.

The modern age has seen a dramatically increased need for eye care and eye care services. With many people now working for numerous hours a day in front of a computer screen or using electronic media, there are various vision problems that may surface. Insurance is always thought of as a preventative measure, although your sight is definitely something that the majority of people would not like to be without. VSP vision insurance offers people the opportunity to take care of their vision through regular eye checkups and related services. This is definitely one type of insurance that you should seriously consider owning.

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