United Concordia Dental Insurance

United Concordia now has 8 million members and also has over 40 years of experience in the dental insurance industry. Their wide customer base has access to a network of dentists which currently provides 130,000 dental professionals from various different locations. Due to their experience and expertise, United Concordia is renowned for providing coverage for vast populations of employees in member based organizations. However, this has not stopped the influx of individual consumers using their dental insurance products and services.

United Concordia offer a variety of dental insurance plans which allows you to choose one that perfectly fits your own individual needs:

United Concordia Flex Fee for Service Dental Insurance - This is without doubt one of the most popular products offered by United Concordia. The “fee for service” dental insurance packages are primarily offered to companies, who choose to pass on the benefits to their employees. Should you choose the indemnity option, you are allowed to use your own dentist. However you are also able to choose from a network of registered dentists which will allow you to obtain some fantastic discounted rates.

Concordia Access - The Concordia Access is actually a combination of two plans - A dental PPO matched with a discount dental plan. The plan offers the choice of a huge range of dentists from their network and many dental procedures are completed free of charge. Of the procedures that aren't offered for free, you can expect sizeable discounts.

Concordia Choice Dental PPO
- This type of dental insurance plan is meant specifically for employee coverage however it can be purchased independently from the company. There will be no contributions made by your employer, they are there to help and facilitate your enrolment into this dental care plan, thus allowing you greater discounts on dental care services. You will often find that this plan is offered in conjunction with a vision plan.

Concordia Preferred Dental PPO - This is probably one of the most beneficial dental insurance plans offered by United Concordia. It is very similar to the standard dental PPO, although if you choose your dentist from the network provided, you can expect far higher discounts.

Concordia Plus Dental HMO - This works like any other form of health insurance HMO. You are restricted from choosing your own dentist and must choose one from the network provided. You may choose a dentist who does not belong to the network, but this means you will not be party to any of the discounts.

Concordia Plus EPO - An EPO plan is far more suited to small companies who have a limited number of employees, typically ten to twenty. You will find that an EPO plan is only available in certain states.

The main advantage of choosing a United Concordia Dental Insurance plan is their extensive experience in this business. They ensure that their dentists are thoroughly evaluated and are expected to be of a certain standard. They are dedicated to their members. This is never more apparent than when you visit their website. United Concordia provide specific platforms within their site for members, employers, dentists, producers and for individuals.

Their member’s area is password protected and once you join up you can secure access to many benefits and eligibility information. You will also find claim details and procedures, the maximum and deductible accumulations and even printable ID cards. They also provide an extremely informative Dental Health Care Centre. This is a treasure trove of information on the connection between oral health and your overall health. They provide details on proper dental care throughout your life and there is even a kid's corner which is aimed at educating your children on the importance of oral procedures and having a healthy smile.

The United Concordia website also provides a "Find a Dentist" search page. This allows you to search for a specific dentist either by name, city, county, state, zip code or street address. You have the opportunity to do a comparison search between 2 or more dentists so you can understand which one would be better suited to your dental care needs. Finally their site even allows you to get driving instructions to a particular dentist's office. At United Concordia they understand the importance of proper dental care and aim to provide one of the largest and best choices of dental insurance plans you will find anywhere.

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