Travel Guard Insurance

Whenever you book an international trip with a travel agency they will usually recommend that you get International Travel Insurance. Travel Guard Insurance is one of the better companies to buy this kind of insurance from. Travel Guard Insurance is owned by AIG. This is one of the best ones for dependable travel insurance service. Travel Guard insurance provides round the clock customer service through its "World Service Center." They take care of emergency travel needs any time of the day or night.

Buying travel insurance is really a smart thing to do if you plan on traveling outside the country. Depending on where you are going you never know when you may be faced with the need for emergency financial help and a phone call to Travel Guard Insurance may even save your life if you need to make emergency evacuation plans from a foreign company. More than 6 million travelers have purchased one of the many travel insurance packages that this company offers. Your agent can help you select the most appropriate package for your travels. Not all plans are appropriate for everyone’s needs though so be sure you talk with an experienced travel insurance agent about your specific travel plans and what kind of travel insurance you should buy.

One of the Travel Guard insurance plans offered that a lot of traveler like is called the "All-Inclusive" plan being offered by Travel Guard Insurance. This plan is a basic all around plan for people of any age up to the age of 69. It includes accidental death and dismemberment coverage, trip delays, interruptions, or cancellations 24/7 emergency medical assistance and coverage for damaged, delayed, or lost luggage as well as coverage for emergency illnesses or accidents.

Another plan that they offer is their "Protect Assist" plan. This plan is perfect for individuals who are traveling on a limited budget, such as a college student or a young family. Your Travel Guard agent can fill you in on all the details and limitations involved with this policy. Travel Guard Insurance also has a plan for those who are traveling in a group.

Travel Guard Insurance’s "Travel America Plan" is great for those traveling in groups. It covers which covers things that are relevant to traveling by air or by car in another country. You can get up to a year's worth of medical insurance if you suffer an illness while traveling as well if the initial treatment was given to you during an insured trip. If you or an immediate family member is hospitalized or dies the Travel Guard insurance will cover the expenses as well. The insurance will also cover expenses if you get into an auto accident on the way to your destination. Also, if your air travel is delayed through no fault of your own you are covered, including missed flights or missed connections caused by the airline. You can also be reimbursed for a percentage amount for a canceled trip. A work related trip that is canceled can be reimbursed 100%. It is a good insurance to have if you have not purchased flight cancellation insurance.

You can go online to get some idea of what kind of plan is best suited for your needs before you contact Travel Guard Insurance. You will be able to find reviews and customer feedback online. As with any other things that you buy, it is good to do some comparison shopping of travel insurance policies for the best pricing. Without travel insurance things that are unavoidable can mean money down the drain when traveling so it really is worth the extra expense for Travel Guard Insurance.

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