Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in USA

Finding an ideal insurance company that you can put your complete trust in is crucial for protecting you and your family's future. It not only gives you the help you need when you suddenly find yourself in a tight situation, but it provides your children the security blanket they would need in the future. For this reason, amongst many others, choosing an insurance provider for you and your family is a pivotal decision. In the US, insurance companies keep close competition. Determining which one is best should be your personal decision, but there are also some things that can help you. The following are the top 10 life insurance companies in the US; classified according to their popularity, stability and reliability.

New York Life Insurance
New York Life Insurance is a major player in the US's insurance market, which puts much stock in the varied needs of its individual customer. The company has four categories for all your insurance needs, permanent life insurance, term insurance and survivorship insurance. The fourth one is a life insurance that covers businesses as well as individuals. In addition, the company has received highly promising ratings from many insurance rating agencies.

Prudential Insurance Company of America
Partly related to Prudential Financial, the Prudential Insurance Company of America is definitely one of the bigger names in the insurance market. It offers five categories of coverage, the universal life insurance, term life insurance, whole life insurance, survivorship insurance and variable life insurance. The company caters to the individual requirements of each policyholder by providing fair benefits to all.

Renewable term, universal and survivorship insurance coverage policies are offered by the TIAA-CREF insurance company. The company is based in New York and is one of the leading financial organizations in the country. Having 60 branches all across the US, the company has gained enough trust for itself to be considered as one of the top 10 insurance companies in the USA.

Another prominent insurance provider in the USA is MetLife. The company is particularly renowned for providing a fair service to underprivileged individuals. The company makes this possible by offering a term life insurance in one of three inherent modes. MetLife also offers permanent life insurance, and is a leading provider of savings and retirement policies.

The Lincoln National
Few insurance companies in the USA can contend with the Lincoln National. The company is well-known for providing insurance that is stable and reliable. Lincoln National offers different types of insurance policies like term life, variable universal life, linked benefit life and universal life insurance.

MassMutual Financial Group
Headquartered in Springfield, the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance, owned by the MassMutual Financial Group, is one of the ten leading life insurance providers in the USA. The company prides itself on having great financial strength amid economic challenges, and being able to provide sustainable insurance services to people of all economic status.

Genworth Financial
The life insurance policies offered by Genworth Financial are widely known to have great variety. The company offers the traditional simplistic term life coverage, as well as highly composite premium coverage plans. Genworth is also one of the prime insurance companies in the USA, and has quite a reputation when it comes to providing stability and reliability.

American Family Life Assurance Company
AFLAC is a top-of-the-line life insurance provider that not only provides individuals with intrinsic insurance policies, but with various, multifaceted health and accident benefits as well. AFLAC encompasses the requirements of high-maintenance clientele without fail. Moreover, it's a global company with wide reach and influence in the financial and insurance market.

Principal Financial
Principal Financial is highly reputed for being able to provide, not just individuals, but businesses, with impressive life term insurance coverage. The company emphasizes the detail in its insurance policies, which is often an integral part of success in life insurance plans. The company provides term life, group health, survivorship and retirement insurance plans, amongst other things.

Northwestern Mutual
The Northwestern Mutual is widely known for its many add-on benefits on top of its already wide range of insurance policies. The benefits may include guaranteed death benefits, purchase benefits, premium indexed protection benefits and minimum cash value benefits. For this, the Northwestern Mutual qualifies as one of the best insurance companies in the USA.

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