Texas Insurance Coverage Lawyers

Both insurance companies and their insured need legal defense from time to time for a number of reasons. While most of the larger insurance companies have full time legal counsel on staff, sometimes they are in need of insurance coverage lawyers on a case to case basis. Other times the insured has reason to hire an insurance coverage lawyer to dispute the decision made by the insurance company when a claim has been filed.

Reasons to Need Insurance Coverage Lawyers
At times like these, the services of tort and litigation insurance coverage lawyers would need to be procured. No matter where you live in the State of Texas, any Texas insurance coverage lawyer would be able to handle your case. Some of the most common reasons to hire an insurance coverage lawyer would be for subrogation, insurance coverage & bad faith, group tort defense and personal injury defense.

Sometimes, for a number of reasons, the insured will make a claim against his or her own insurance company and then let their insurance company try to recoup the payments from the other company. This is known as subrogation and it happens more often than you might think, especially in terms of automobile insurance. Unfortunately, there are times when the other insurance company refuses to pay, even when their insured is clearly at fault. At this point, a Texas insurance coverage lawyer would step in to either mediate the situation or litigate in a court of law to recover any and all monies paid out. The attorney represents both the insured and his or her insurance company.

Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith
It is becoming more and more common for valid claims to be denied by insurance companies around the country. If the insured holds an insurance policy that is in force at the time when a claim is made, if the policy is written to cover that loss and the insurance company refuses to pay, it is called a ‘bad faith insurance coverage.’ When this happens, the only recourse that is open to the insured is to hire the services of an insurance coverage lawyer to sue for payment against the claim.

Group Tort Defense
You will find that many times those insurance companies that are guilty of bad faith insurance coverage in one case will be guilty almost across the board. At times like these an insurance coverage lawyer might be representing a group of people in a class action lawsuit against the company. If there is reason to believe the insurance company violated any insurance regulations willingly and wrongfully, this constitutes ‘tort’ or a wrongful action. Thus, group tort defense which equates to defense against being wronged.

Personal Injury
Probably the most common reason to procure the services of Texas insurance coverage lawyers would be to sue for loss related to personal injury. There are a number of times when the services of a lawyer would be necessitated, such as when the insurance company agrees to pay less than the actual damage and less than the limits of the policy. The insured could hire the attorney to represent him or her against either the other insurance company or his or her own company.

Many of the above examples are related in whole, or in part, to automobile insurance, but may also be relevant to other types of insurance as well, such as health or life insurance. Insurance coverage lawyers can handle any type of insurance coverage issues for either the insured or the insurance company, and sometimes they represent both. To find Texas insurance coverage lawyers in your area, try an internet search or the Texas Bar Association.

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