Safeco Auto Insurance

Safeco auto insurance has been offering car insurance to the pubic for 57 year. They first entered the auto insurance industry in 1953. They are a reputable vehicle insurance provider which offers a wide rang of coverage on automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, boats and other vehicle types. When you buy auto insurance from Safeco your vehicle will be covered for collision, fire, theft, vandalism and more.

Safeco is a unique auto insurance company that offers many benefits that other auto insurance companies do not. For instance, you can remain worry free about accident related lawsuits when you have Safeco auto insurance, because they offer coverage for punitive damages that you can add to your policy. Safeco also provides their clients with under insured driver’s insurance. This means that if you are in a collision with an under insured driver Safeco will cover the damage done to your vehicle as well as the medical bills for you and your passengers in the even there are any injuries as the result of the accident.

Safeco auto insurance is unique because they offer policy options you can add for supplemental benefits to your insurance policy. For instance, they offer the option to add a diminishing deductible. With the diminishing deductible option your collision deductible will decrease $50 every six months up to a maximum of $500 if you remain accident free. They also offer a benefit they call accident forgiveness. With accident forgiveness if you are in a no fault collision accident or you receive a traffic violation after being insured by them for 3 years they will waive the first one.

Safeco auto insurance also has an option they call “waiver of adjustment for depreciation or betterment.” With this option Safeco will pay for new tires, brakes and other parts that were worn out at the time of the accident. They also offer $500 pet coverage for veterinary expenses or as a death benefit if your dog or cat was hurt or killed in an auto accident covered under your policy.

Coverage for worldwide car rental is also an option you can choose to have added to your Safeco auto insurance policy. This way if you are in an auto accident in another country the coverage will extend to the temporary replacement rental. Car rental coverage is already included for accidents that occur in the United States and Canada.

You can also choose to add a comprehensive deductible waiver. This waiver means that you will not have to pay the deductible if an accident causes damages to the vehicle which makes it a total loss.

You can choose the electronic lock and key replacement deductible waiver too. Safeco will waive the deductible if your electronic keys that are lost or stolen. They also offer coverage for up to $1000 for emergency transportation, meals and lodging if you are in an accident while traveling more than 25 miles away from home. Safeco’s personal property coverage will pay up to $1000 for items such as tapes or other digital media that are stolen from your vehicle or that are damaged in an auto accident.

Safeco auto insurance offers a death benefit of $2000 per fatality plus any unused medical payment if you have medical payment coverage on your policy. Another benefit of Safeco auto insurance is that they will pay you $400 a day for lost wages if you are required to attend a trial or hearing about any auto accident you were involved in. There are so many unique coverage options that you can see why many people are switching over to Safeco auto insurance. You can purchase Safeco auto insurance online or call to speak with an agent for an auto insurance quote.

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