Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

It’s riding season again and if you have a motorcycle you probably already have motorcycle insurance, or you’re looking for motorcycle insurance. Progressive motorcycle insurance is the number one group insurance for motorcycles in the country. There are many other motorcycle insurance agencies that provide insurance for motorcycle riders but Progressive offers many more options to their policy holders. Progressive motorcycle insurance offers live customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One of the biggest benefits that attract customers to Progressive motorcycle insurance is the ability to fully customize the policy. Customers build their own policy by going online and choosing the many different options that are made available.

Progressive motorcycle insurance deals with coverage in all areas of motorcycle riding. Accessories, medical and comprehensive and collision coverage are all made available with progressive motorcycle insurance. Bodily injury and property damage are also covered as well. The coverage provided can also be specific to the type of bike. For example, someone who rides a scooter will require different coverage than someone who is riding a cruiser. Sport bikes will also have a different type of policy than scooters and cruisers. Moped insurance is also offered by Progressive that is different from the coverage offered for sport bikes, cruisers and scooters. The type of bike you’re riding will play a key role with what type of motorcycle insurance you will need.

However, Progressive’s motorcycle insurance policies don’t stop there. They also offer insurance for motocross, dirt bikes, trikes and other off road motorcycles. Those who have classic motorcycles can purchase a special motorcycle insurance policy that is designed to cover classic motorcycles. Classic motorcycles are rare and many times they are worth more than newer motorcycles. The repair cost for a classic motorcycle will be significantly higher because of the rarity of parts. Rare parts will cost more than newer parts that are being manufactured every day.

Motocross insurance is specifically designed to cover riders who own dirt bikes and other motocross motorcycles. The insurance covers motorcycles that are built with off road tires, higher ground clearance and suspensions that are for off-road riding. Motocross bikes are covered on rough terrain and off road areas, but they are not covered on the road because they aren’t street legal. There are many discounts that motorcycle rides should be aware in order to save money with their motorcycle insurance policy.

Motorcycle riders who take the motorcycle safety course will not only receive their license instead of a permit, they will also see a discount with their motorcycle insurance. Riders who have no accidents or tickets will display an excellent driving record that also qualifies for a discount. Another way that riders can save money with their motorcycle insurance is by paying for the full year of insurance. Motorcycle riders who pay monthly will end up paying more for the insurance throughout the year. Anti theft devices like a lojack will also help riders save money with their motorcycle insurance.

Another benefit that motorcycle riders will see when purchasing motorcycle insurance from Progressive is being a homeowner. Motorcycle riders who own their own home will see a discount on the motorcycle insurance policy. Discounts are also received during the life of the policy when the rider receives no accidents or moving violation tickets. Getting a quote from Progressive for motorcycle insurance is easy. Riders can simply go online and get a quote from the Progressive website. Drivers who already have an insurance policy with Progressive for other vehicles will also see a discount with their motorcycle insurance policy. In fact, drivers who have insurance with Progressive will receive a discount on the traditional car insurance when adding on a motorcycle policy.

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