Private Disability Insurance Attorneys

There may come a time when you are unable to work due to disability, and this may force you to make a legitimate claim for benefits via a private disability insurer. Private disability insurance will typically be either employer sponsored, or a policy that you have in connection with a financial product. However, what do you do if an insurance company denies your claim and you're having trouble collecting your benefits?

This is where it you may need the services of a private disability insurance attorney. Unfortunately, disability insurance law is extremely complex, and you may often find that an insurer will hide behind a mound of paperwork. They may deny you making a successful long-term disability claim, even though you have legally paid premiums towards your policy.

A private disability insurance attorney will typically focus on helping injured people who are unable to work. They can help you with your initial disability claim, an appeal against a denial of benefits, or a continuing claim for disability. If you believe that you were denied in error, due to either a mistake or an unfair hearing, you may have a claim for "insurance bad faith".

Insurance bad faith may include an insurance company not keeping their promise by paying a legitimate claim. This may involve denying the long-term disability benefits, whether this is by accident, administrative incompetence, or as mentioned the failure to give you a fair hearing. A private disability insurance attorney can help to arrange a lawsuit for insurance bad faith. If your lawsuit is successful you may also find that you are entitled to damages in addition to the benefits that were previously promised in your policy.

Disability insurance law initially requires that a company should compensate you fully for 12 months. After this period of time the company may choose to demonstrate that you no longer qualify for a claim. This may, unfortunately, require you to constantly fill out questionnaires and see their doctors. This may even involve that your insurer requires you to work at another occupation, and therefore it is vitally important that your original claim should always correctly describe your job title, skills, occupation and experience.

You should however be aware that if you qualify for Social Security disability benefits that the amount you receive from your private disability insurance policy may be significantly reduced. However, the law is firmly on your side, and this is where the services of a private disability insurance attorney can help you to receive the correct amount of benefits.

A private disability insurance attorney can also help you if you are discriminated against in the workplace due to your disability. No matter what your physical condition, you deserve to be treated fairly regardless. However, a disability can often be treated unfairly in the workplace, and you may need to file a discrimination claim against your employer. This can obviously be extremely difficult as you are a lone individual staking a claim against a much larger company. Therefore, it is advisable to have the expertise of a private disability insurance attorney on your side.

Unfortunately, anyone who suffers a disabling injury may find that their income dramatically decreases. Often, income may even be non-existent, although there are without doubt various medical expenses to pay. This can cause serious financial difficulties, and this is why government-sponsored programs, employee benefits and private insurance are able to bridge the gap. There are a number of different benefits that you may be eligible for as a disabled employee and these include:

There are many problems that may arise when looking to claim benefits from a disability insurance policy. Unfortunately, many policies are regulated under a federal law that typically gives an insurance company the upper hand over people who are filing a claim. The complex nature of making a claim makes the need for private disability insurance attorney all the more powerful.

Additionally, you may find that it takes a fair amount of time to review a private disability insurance policy, and often the document is extremely complicated, and contains many poorly defined terms. In fact, there are many insurers who may choose to use various policy provisions in order to limit the benefit payments or even to avoid payment altogether.

You will generally find that an initial disability denial consultation with an attorney will be free of charge. It is this initial consultation that will determine whether an attorney is able to help you with your claim. Many private disability insurance attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which will mean that they will only get paid for their services if there has been a monetary recovery of funds. In order to make a claim you will generally need to file a lawsuit before an applicable expiration date to ensure that you have not waived your rights to possible compensation.

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  1. I hope you get it all solved. I have a similar problem.
    I had company insurance and filed a Long term claim and won. I tried to go back to work but didn't last, after short term I refiled for Long term again. My insurance denied my claim because my company switched insurance companies while I was on sick leave and therefore the new insurance company should be responsible. Okay, only the new insurance company says no they aren't responsible its the old insurer problem cause my condition is a reaccurance. Problem is a year lapsed from the last time I was on disability and to the time I had to leave work. I was never officially back at work for 6 months according to the original insurer. I never stopped paying premiums for insurance and no one ever told me carriers changed. So who the heck is responsible?