PETCO Pet Insurance

If you are like most pet owners, you view your pet as part of your family. As a result, you want your pet to live a long and healthy life. In addition to providing your pet with adequate exercise and a healthy diet, you need to protect your pet in the event of an medical emergency. Regardless of how well you take care of your pet, you can't guarantee that your pet won't be impacted by an injury or serious illness. However, with PETCO pet insurance, if one of these situations arises, you can guarantee that your pet will receive the medical care it needs.

PETCO only recommends one kind of pet insurance. The pet insurance recommended by PETCO is Trupanion. On a basic level, the reason that this is the preferred PETCO pet insurance is because Trupanion provides one simple plan that offers ninety percent coverage and no payout limits. If you are interested in PETCO pet insurance, the requirements for Trupanion are simple. The first requirement is that your pet must be a dog or cat. Next, your pet needs to be at least eight weeks old and less than fourteen years old. Finally, you need to be a resident of the United States and have a current email address.

Since you most likely meet these simple requirements, you are eligible to protect your beloved pet with a PETCO pet insurance plan from Trupanion. With this top of the line pet insurance plan, if your dog is injured or becomes sick, you will be covered for chronic conditions, congenital disorders, diagnostic tests, hereditary disorders, medications, recurring conditions and surgeries. Because the purpose of this pet insurance is to provide you with coverage in the event of a major injury or serious illness, the plan does not cover exam fees or routine care like dental cleanings or regular shots. While the Trupanion plan will cover recurring and chronic conditions, it will not cover conditions that existed prior to enrollment in the program. Also, to receive the maximum benefits from this PETCO recommended pet insurance plan, you need to make sure that your pet is spayed or neutered.

The reason that Trupanion is recommended by PETCO and Consumer Reports is because it provides you with the best pet insurance value for your money. With this plan, you pay a deductible per incident. After you pay the deductible for your pet, the Trupanion pet insurance plan will cover ninety percent of all the associated costs. With this type of pet insurance, there's also no annual or lifetime limit to the coverage and payouts that are provided. Some of the additional features of Trupanion that make it such a highly recommended option for pet insurance are that it allows you to select a custom deductible, choose a premium that's affordable for you and add additional pets to your policy.

If you decide that you want to protect your pet with this PETCO pet insurance, you can easily obtain a free quote from the Trupanion website. To obtain your quote, you will be asked to enter your zip code, pet name and pet age. You will also be asked to choose whether you have a dog or a cat, as well as your pet's breed. As reference for pricing, let's say you wanted to insure a domestic shorthair cat or a labrador retriever dog. Either choice is under one year old, and you live in California in the city of Santa Monica. While you can adjust your premium between $0 and $1,000, your monthly cost for a PETCO pet insurance Trupanion plan with a $100 deductible will be $19.42 for the cat and $32.06 for the dog.

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