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Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability is a lawful responsibility which results from the personal actions of anybody. Individual people are often held accountable for bodily injuries they directly or inadvertently cause such as financial damages, psychological damages and property damages. Without personal liability insurance all of your assets can be wiped out in such cases. Your financial assets are most important and you do not want to lose everything you have because of personal liability lawsuit. Your assets are important to both you and your family. What would happen if to your and your family if you were sued and lost everything you own? A personal liability insurance policy is one that can help you survive a personal lawsuit. Personal liability insurance protects your personal properties as well.

Homeowner’s insurance policies and auto policies can include a clause for personal liability insurance but it usually has very low limits. You can purchase a separate personal liability policy for additional coverage for things the unusual things that can happen. For instance, suppose you have deck in your backyard that you have been meaning to fix. A guest comes over and walks on the deck and falls through and is injured. Suppose the person broke their back or became paralyzed because of the fall. Your personal liability limits on your home owner’s insurance policy may not be enough to cover a lawsuit. You need additional coverage for attorney fees, court costs and any kind of compensation in these types of litigations. You can further protect yourself by getting additional personal liability insurance at very affordable prices and the benefits will well outweigh any premiums in the event you ever need such coverage.

Personal liability insurance can cover legal fees and your attorney fees if you are ever sued so you will not have to worry about coming up with these types of expenses in a court case. People can be sued for all kinds of things they would never even have expected. For example, you can be sued when a child you are baby sitting gets hurt or if a freak accident happens and your lawn mower causes a rock to hit your neighbor in the face, causing them to lose an eye. What if a burglar breaks into your house and gets hurt in the process? Did you know you could be sued for the burglars’ injuries and your regular homeowners insurance may not be enough to cover it all, even if it does cover it?

Another example where you would need this type of coverage is if you happen to have a swimming pool in your backyard or a trampoline. Even if someone was uninvited and used the pool or trampoline and were to be injured, you could find yourself facing a personal liability lawsuit. These are just a few examples of why you need personal liability insurance when you own a home. People who own guns or who have certain types of dogs, such as a pit bull, at home also need this kind of insurance coverage. Renters even need personal liability insurance. If a renter inadvertently causes a fire that injures other renters they can be protected from financial devastation by this type of insurance.

You also need personal liability insurance when you are away from the home. For instance, if you go skiing and lose control and crash into another skier you could be held personally liable for their medical bills. Auto accidents that you cause resulting in grave injuries can be covered by personal liability insurance. Even employers need to carry personal liability insurance since a lawsuit could hold them personally responsible for the activities of their workers or employees.

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