Pennsylvania Health Insurance Leads

When you are in the business of selling products or services it is of prime importance to have a steady stream of prequalified leads. Agents who sell health insurance policies are, for all intents and purposes, salespeople. There are a great number of ways to generate leads, but the best type of lead is one that has been prequalified and is in actuality looking for health insurance coverage. While it is important to follow every lead, whether qualified or not, a prequalified lead simply needs a good closer and they can be sold. After all, they are interested in your product (in this case health insurance) so it is just a matter of giving them what they are looking for. The problem is, finding those leads and that is what a good online lead generating company can do for you to simplify the process.

Online Health Insurance Leads
One of the best ways to get leads is to subscribe to a lead generating service online. There are a number of ways these companies go about getting leads, so it is important to know that the company you use does not use any underhanded or deceiving tactics when gathering leads in your area. Pennsylvania health insurance leads should be gathered from prospects actually looking for health insurance in click through advertising, form submission and other ways in which consumers are aware that there information has been gathered in order to provide them with health insurance quotes.

Leads Filtered by Age and Health Conditions
It is also important to work with a lead generating company that filters for age and preexisting health conditions such as cancer, pregnancy, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, psychiatric history and HIV/AIDS. Since most, if not all, policies at this point in time have a preexisting clause, it is imperative to prequalify leads based on eligibility for coverage in the immediate future. Some conditions may even render the individual ineligible for certain types of health insurance or specific coverages so it is necessary to screen leads for obvious questionable conditions.

Shared Vs. Exclusive Leads
Another aspect that should be considered is whether or not leads you purchase are shared or exclusive. Obviously the fewer agents those health insurance leads are shared with, the easier it will be to sell the consumer a policy. The problem is that exclusive leads are much more expensive than shared leads so one thing you might look at is the number of other insurance agents the lead company shares leads between. Many lead companies share with a maximum of 5 or 10 members, while others simply sell shared lists to anyone who purchases the list. Cost will be directly proportionate to the exclusivity of the leads.

Cost for Health Insurance Leads
Just like you are in business to sell health insurance, the lead generating company is in business to sell leads. As a result, cost will be competitive so take the time to check rates from several companies. Some companies charge a monthly membership fee in addition to cost per lead while others have a onetime membership/setup fee followed by a charge per lead. Again, the more exclusive your leads will be, the more you can expect to pay for them. If you are selling health insurance in the Pittsburgh area, for example, any shared Pennsylvania health insurance leads you get will most likely be provided to several of your competitors. In a case like this, it might be a good investment to purchase exclusive leads.

More and more people are becoming self employed due largely to the corporate financial instability within the past several years. Companies have downsized and as a result larger numbers of the American workforce have been forced to work part-time while many have become consultants or started working from home. This portion of the population has been forced to seek private health insurance and the way to reach them is with by finding a source of leads prequalified and ready to buy.

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