Oregon Health Insurance Companies

Choosing a health insurance provider and/or policy can be a difficult process without the right guidance, tools, and resources. Before selecting an insurance policy it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How often do I visit a doctor?
  2. What is my monthly budget for an insurance premium?
  3. How much of a deductible will I be able to pay off, in order to receive full coverage?
  4. Do I have any pre-existing medical conditions?
  5. Do I need vision and dental plans?
  6. Do I need financial assistance for surgeries and similar procedures?
  7. What are my current monthly medical expenses?
  8. How comprehensive do I need my health insurance coverage to be?

After asking the above questions, you may want to consider the following information pertaining to Oregon health statistics, various types of health insurance policies offered in Oregon, and popular Oregon health insurance companies.

Oregon Health Statistics
As of 2010, Oregon was ranked the 15th healthiest state by the UHF (United Health Foundation). In this report, Oregon's most notable category rankings were public health funding, immunization coverage, infant mortality, and prevalence of smoking. The state showed strength in low levels of pollution, a relatively lower rate of obesity (in comparison to other states), and less preventable hospitalizations. However, it was also found that a significant percentage of Oregon's population (approximately 17%) does not have health insurance, and the state also has low per capita public health funding (approximately $55 per person) and low immunization coverage (less than 90%).

Types of Health Insurance Policies Offered in Oregon
There are three main types of Oregon health insurance policies available – traditional indemnity policies, health maintenance organization policies (HMO), and preferred provider organization policies (PPO). Most traditional indemnity policies require a deductible to be met before services are paid by Oregon health insurance companies, however there are some traditional indemnity policies that provide office visit and prescription co-payments. A health maintenance organization policy is basically a type of managed healthcare in which co-payments are provided for office visits, prescriptions, and other medical expenses. With an HMO policy you are required to have a primary care physician, and if you develop or have a pre-existing condition that this physician is unable to treat, they must refer you to a specialist for treatment. A preferred provider organization policy is basically a traditional insurance policy that provides a list of preferred health insurance providers which Oregon health insurance companies will co-pay the services of.

Popular Oregon Health Insurance Companies
There are currently more than 1600 insurance companies in Oregon, however only about 70 of them offer health insurance policies. Some of the most popular Oregon health insurance companies are:

  • BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon
  • Life Wise
  • PacificSource Health
  • ODS Health
  • AssurantHealth
  • HealthNet
  • PacificCare
  • Providence
  • ClearOne Health
  • Kaiser Permanente

Unfortunately, many insurance providers will deny approval for an insurance policy if you have a chronic illness that puts you at a higher risk for needing medical assistance in the near future. However, Oregon fortunately has a high-risk pool, the Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP), which provides health insurance policies for individuals that do not qualify for health insurance due to pre-existing medical conditions. Thus, regardless of your individual or group insurance needs, chronic medical conditions, and monthly/yearly budget, you should be able to find and compare a plethora of suitable insurance policies from Oregon health insurance companies by utilizing rate comparison sites and establishing a solid criteria based on the aforementioned information.

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