Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance

Driving a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous, and motorcycle collisions tend to be more violent than collisions involving standard vehicles. For this reason, it is extremely important to have a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy to protect you financially from the cost of repairs and the repercussions of liability claims filed against you. Nationwide motorcycle insurance is provided by a company that has been dealing with a large base of satisfied clients from more than 80 years. In fact, more than 95% of all motorcycles in the United States are insured by Nationwide motorcycle insurance. Nationwide provides insurance for all types of motorcycles, including those with customizations and modifications. Aside from motorcycle insurance, Nationwide also provides a variety of other automobile insurance types, including but not limited to snowmobile, recreational vehicle, and boat insurance. The following paragraphs contain information pertaining to Nationwide motorcycle insurance coverage, discounts, and benefits.

Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance Discounts
Nationwide provides discounts for motorcycle insurance to eligible individuals, and eligibility usually relies on an action being performed by the policyholder. For example, you could complete a safety course to receive a 5% discount on your motorcycle insurance. Individuals that insure all of their automobiles and/or boats with Nationwide will receive a 30% discount. It is also possible to receive a discount when you combine your motorcycle insurance policy with a homeowners insurance or other type of automobile insurance policy. Nationwide offers these discounts in an attempt to convince customers to purchase more than one policy for several types of insurance with their company, and can therefore afford to offer the most competitive rates and unique promotions.

Types of Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance Coverage
There are various types of coverage available through Nationwide motorcycle insurance, including liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, underinsured motorist, towing and labor, and even OEM (original equipment manufacturer) endorsement. Liability coverage provides protection from claims related to property damage and bodily injury by covering expenses associated with medical costs and property repair due to a motorcycle accident. Collision coverage helps pay for the cost of repairs in the event that the motorcycle is involved in any type of accident, and also provides $1000-$2000 in safety apparel expenses for riders. Comprehensive coverage provides assistance for any other types of damages that are not covered by the primary policy (i.e. – damage caused by natural disasters and vandalism/theft). Underinsured motorist, also referred to as uninsured motorist insurance, provides coverage in the event that an unidentified, underinsured, or uninsured individual damages to your vehicle in a collision. It should be noted that underinsured motorist coverage is a mandatory requirement in some states.

Benefits of Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance
Nationwide motorcycle insurance can provide coverage for up to 12 motorcycles within one policy, and it is possible to save up to 35% on your policy by utilizing the aforementioned discounts (combining the 5% safety test discount with the 30% multiple policy discount). Nationwide offers up to $50,000 coverage per motorcycle, and all bodily injury liability policies automatically include guest passenger liability. Nationwide motorcycle insurance is also one of the few companies that offers coverage for customized bikes and those assembled from kits. In addition, Nationwide motorcycle insurance includes roadside assistance and 24-hour support that can help you file a claim and respond appropriately after an accident. Ultimately, it is not surprising that Nationwide motorcycle insurance is responsible for ensuring more than 95% of motorcycles on the road today, as the company has more than eight decades in experience dealing with nearly every type of insurance and coverage. As a Nationwide policyholder, you can be sure that you'll receive access to comprehensive customer support, adequate coverage, and fair competitive rates at all times.

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