Maryland Student Health Insurance

College students have the option of carrying a student insurance policy. This article talks about student health insurance in Maryland. When shopping for any kind of health insurance, it helps to know that the state of Maryland ranks as number 21 in the list of healthiest/safest states in which to reside. This has a bearing on health insurance costs whether the coverage is for students or not. Health insurance for students may be tied into higher learning institutions who may or may not require students to purchase an insurance plan. If the student chooses not to go with the school's insurance plan they can purchase a policy from an outside agency.

While the health of students is good for the most part, there are some factors unique to this demographic. For example, many students study abroad at some point. This may expose them to various diseases found overseas, especially if they go to third world or tropical countries. Because of their age, they are also more susceptible to developing meningitis. Other conditions that are associated with community living such as staph are also a concern. And because young adults are sometimes sexually active with multiple partners, coverage for reproductive and sexual health can be expensive more so for females than males. Students also have a higher risk of illness or injury due to activities such as binge drinking and/or drug use.

Health clinics at universities offer basic medical services for students living in a dormitory. Fees to use the clinic are usually part of the tuition cost. When the university is affiliated with a teaching hospital, students are able to acquire all kinds of medical services as opposed to other universities who send students to other hospitals. This may factor into the cost of student health insurance in Maryland as well. One teaching hospital affiliated with a university is the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Prior to university enrollment students should carefully read all information regarding health insurance coverage. If the plan provided by the school is sufficient, the student may not need to purchase any additional coverage. However, if the student is planning to travel abroad, it is advisable they purchase travel insurance for students. Those with special needs may need to find an insurance agency who can handle their specific coverage requirements. Student health insurance in Maryland can often be acquired through the university the student is attending, but if not, there are plenty of good insurance agencies who can help.

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