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Loan Insurance

Loan insurance usually refers to a type of insurance policy that people can buy when taking out a loan for a car, boat, motorcycle or other such large items that require most people to have loans. This kind of insurance provides protection toward making the loan payments if an unfortunate event were to occur, such the loss of job or prolonged illness. With most loan insurance policies the loan payments will be covered for up to a year in which you will not have to worry about making the payments. In the case of a death, loan insurance policy may even pay the loan in full, depending on the stipulations in the policy. Since most people take out loans for large expense items they are often plagued with the fear of being unable to pay their monthly loan payments because of an illness or injury that causes them to be unable to continue working. Loan insurance is the perfect solution and will provide for peace of mind in these cases.

There are all kinds of insurance companies that offer this type of insurance. The customer is typically offered this insurance when purchasing a large item with a loan. The customer usually has the right to accept or decline the offer, except in cases where the person has bad credit. In such cases loan insurance may be required. If the loan is being taken out as a joint loan with a spouse or partner, the same coverage is offered to them as well. This kind of insurance is actually a good safeguard to protect yourself if you were to ever get into a situation where you are unable to make your monthly loan payments.

Loan protection insurance usually has certain kinds of exclusions that you should consider before obtaining this kind of insurance. For instance, there may be exclusion for an illness that is pre-existing or there may be exclusions for the self-employed. Before buying this kind of insurance, as in any other kinds of insurance policies, it is wise to fully read the terms and conditions of the policy you are considering purchasing so you know exactly what is and is not covered.

The insurance premiums for loan insurance are really not all the expensive, especially if you consider the consequences of not having it when you face the consequences of your loan going into default because you are not able to continue making the payments. The most popular type of loan insurance is one that is called loan disability coverage. This type of policy covers your monthly payments when you become disabled. The policy can also provide cash payments to help with living expenses. Unemployment loan insurance covers the payments for a certain amount of time and is also valuable insurance to have. Individual state laws can determine the extent of coverage in these types of policies. Your monthly premiums can vary, depending on the type of loan insurance coverage you purchase as well. The premium amounts can also depend on the medical record of the one taking out a loan. The person’s age may also be a factor. A poor medical record or a bad credit report can raise the premium amounts.

When taking out a loan keep in mind that loan insurance can add to the total overall cost of the loan. Some lenders will offer a lower interest rate if you opt for loan insurance. This type of insurance is important to have for anyone who gets a secured personal loan. Defaulting on a secured personal loan can cause you to loose valuable assets that are tied up in a personal loan. Before buying such insurance you should do some research online about the various insurance companies that offer personal loan insurance.

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