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If you run a business, and wish to protect yourself against lawsuits, then it is highly recommended that you take out liability insurance. This type of insurance policy will provide insurance coverage against any lawsuits that will typically arise from injury to either employees or members of the public, for damage to property that may have been caused by an employee, or any injuries that have been sustained due to the negligent actions of an employee. A liability insurance policy will also cover you for infringement of intellectual property, slander, libel, employment practices liability, tenant liability and contractual liability.

Choosing a company that offers liability insurance can often seem like an extremely difficult task. In general, the many companies that may be able to issue you a legal liability insurance policy will base their decision on the type of business you have. It is highly recommended that you should obtain quotes from at least three different liability insurance companies before making your final decision. You should always provide the exact same information to each company, and also request the exact same policy limits. This is the only way that you can get a like-for-like quote on your insurance premium.

It is often recommended that you should seek liability insurance from a company who you currently have some form of other insurance with. This would mean that you would have multiple policies with a particular insurer and they are therefore likely to offer significant savings on a new policy. You will also find that if your business is a member of a specific professional and trade association that you may be able to receive a discount on a general liability insurance policy that would typically be provided by an endorsed company. Prior to seeking liability insurance you should always consider any associations that your business may be eligible for.

When looking for a liability insurance company it is always best to make sure that your own "house is in order" to begin with. This may specifically mean that you need to maintain a favourable loss history, or in other words file few or no claims whatsoever. You should also ask the liability insurance company whether or not they provide loss control services. This is a service that many companies offer that you may find extremely valuable. It will basically identify areas of your operations or premises that may be more likely to cause a liability claim. You will actually find that many insurance companies are able to offer a discount if you do use their loss control services.

As you are more than likely aware, deductibles will typically be charged with most types of insurance, although liability insurance is an exception to this rule. However, with that said, should you request a deductible the vast majority of liability insurance companies will be willing to offer this. A deductible will show a willingness by you to pay a proportion of the loss payment and is likely to save you some money on your insurance premium.

It is also a good idea to contact your liability insurance company should be considering doing something different or new. This may involve you manufacturing a new product or offering a new service. This will allow a liability insurance company to advise you of any additional insurance premium costs, or whether there are any specific factors that you will need to take into consideration. They will also be able to explain what effect these new services or products will have on your liability insurance coverage. Should you fail to contact your insurance company in the event of offering or manufacturing something new, you may find that this will limit your overall coverage.

The amount of coverage that a liability insurance company is able to offer will very much depend on a couple of factors. These include the perceived risk of your business. This will involve you considering the overall amount of risk that is associated with your specific business. A prime example of this is if your business manufactures heavy machinery, you have a far greater risk of being sued than a company that manufactures cotton products. This in turn will mean that you will need far more liability insurance. The state in which your business operates will also have an effect on the type of insurance you are offered, and indeed the liability insurance company who may be willing to offer coverage. You will actually find that there are certain states within which businesses operate that have a history of awarding high damage costs to plaintiffs. This will, obviously, involve a business operating in one of the states requiring higher insurance coverage limits.

A liability insurance company will require their policyholders to report any incidents that may lead to a liability claim as soon as possible. You may also find that your insurer will ask for the incidents to be fully documented, to cooperate fully with any investigations, and to forward any summonses and legal notices.

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