Independent Car Insurance Brokers

Selecting a suitable car insurance plan can be a difficult process without the right guidance, especially for individuals that have never purchased a car insurance plan before. Fortunately, there are an abundance of resources available online that help automobile owners compare quotes from prospective insurance providers within centralized user interfaces. However, these interfaces cannot offer the personalized assistance and expertise that is provided by independent car insurance brokers. Insurance brokers are specifically trained to find their clients the best possible deals to accommodate their automobile insurance needs. The following paragraphs define the job of an independent car insurance broker, the difference between brokers and agents, and what to avoid when utilizing the services of independent car insurance brokers.

What Are Independent Car Insurance Brokers?
Independent car insurance brokers are basically negotiators that mediate communications with insurance providers on your behalf in order to find the best policies for your needs, or to improve the terms and conditions of an existing insurance policy. Independent car insurance brokers are usually knowledgeable in various types of insurance policies, and should be able to offer invaluable advice pertaining to the comparison, selection, and utilization of automobile insurance services. Ideally, your broker should be able to assess your current financial and vehicular situation and find the most suitable policy based on a predefined set of criteria. Independent car insurance brokers will usually provide free consultations to new customers, and may even use a detailed questionnaire to determine the requirements of prospective car insurance clients. Thus, the process of using a broker to find the most suitable car insurance policy for your needs is a simple as answering a few questions and utilizing sound advice from qualified professional.

The Difference Between a Car Insurance Broker and an Agent
Independent car insurance brokers and agents are very similar, in that they both are responsible for structuring policies, settling claims, interacting with potential clients, and they both are paid on a commission basis. However, while independent car insurance brokers are agents that work with a variety of insurance companies to find the best policy for their clients, a conventional insurance agent works with a single insurance company, and is therefore biased towards offering services provided by their sole employer. In essence, a broker is an independent business entity that mediates transactions between various insurance companies and their clients, while insurance agents are employees hired by insurance companies to solicit and assist customers. In general, it is preferable to seek the assistance of independent car insurance brokers rather than agents because they usually provide the best value and the most honest recommendations.

Things to Avoid When Using an Independent Car Insurance Broker
When comparing prospective independent car insurance brokers is important to thoroughly examine your options in order to avoid manipulative and deceptive practices. While independent car insurance brokers are usually less biased than hired insurance agents, it is important to note that they are also paid on a commission basis, and therefore may have a significant incentive to recommend excessively expensive policies (to receive higher commissions). Ultimately, it is best to verify all information given to you by your car insurance broker, rather than selecting a plan based solely on their input, as some brokers tend to manipulate rate quotes to make certain policy offers more appealing (i.e. – they may leave out important details pertaining to the expiration and limitation of certain promotional offers). If you don't want to go through the hassle of verifying all information provided by your car insurance broker, you should only utilize the services of reputable brokers that have accumulated a decent amount of client feedback.

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