Hurricane Insurance

If you live in the eastern coastal areas that are typically affected by hurricanes you need to obtain hurricane insurance if you are a homeowner or commercial property owner. You never know when numerous people who live in such areas in the United States can be devastated by hurricanes. You should not make the mistake of assuming that your homeowner’s insurance policy will automatically cover damages caused by a hurricane if you live in these areas. For individuals that live on the coastal parts of the U.S. a sense of security can be had if you have adequate hurricane insurance to cover your house and possessions.

Homeowners have enough to worry about in preparation for the hurricane season each year like having enough food and water, but your hurricane insurance coverage should be one of your major concerns as well. You should examine your policy to make sure it includes coverage for wind damage to your house's roof, walls, and the contents of your home. It should also cover the subsequent flooding that can result from a hurricane too. If you are not sure if you have adequate hurricane coverage you should make sure to get professional advice on how much hurricane coverage you need. There are many professionals in the hurricane insurance field that can give expert counsel to those who live in the eastern coastal regions of the United States.

Once you obtain the right amount of hurricane insurance for your situation you will need to make sure to keep an updated inventory list for your insurance company. It is a good idea to have photos to back up your list. If you have made any renovations make sure your inventory list reflects that. You should also find a safe place to keep your insurance documents, such as in a safe deposit box or a waterproof safe at home. You will need easy access to your hurricane insurance documents if disaster strikes and a hurricane causes damage to your home. Having hurricane insurance will make a huge difference in your way of life after damage done to your home from a hurricane.

When buying hurricane insurance you need to be absolutely sure there is a provision for replacement costs in the event of a total loss due to a hurricane. It is very important that you be certain that your hurricane insurance provides coverage for replacement. Also, make sure there is a provision for flood damage if you do not already have flood damage coverage included in your homeowner’s insurance policy. You should review your hurricane insurance coverage every year to ensure you have adequate coverage for any new additions or outbuildings you may have had built on your property. Keep in mind that rising construction costs can cause your policy to be inadequate so make sure you keep it updated. Also, a hurricane can strike at any time and you will not usually have much forewarning, if any, so anytime you renovate or add a new addition to the property add it to your inventory list immediately.

The best time to buy hurricane insurance is before you need it, not during hurricane season. The premiums and the deductible rates for this kind of insurance can be alarmingly high so some homeowners will drop their policies even if they are in high risk regions. Because of all the water damage hurricanes can cause the growth of mold in homes. Mold may cause you to have to live somewhere else while it is being removed. Keep in mind that most hurricane insurance policies will not cover these expenses. Having regular homeowners insurance and flood damage insurance can help. You may also be able to purchase additional insurance to cover mold damage.

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