Humana Health Insurance

Humana is an insurance company with headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The company is one of the largest in the United States for providing health insurance coverage with close to nine million customers currently. Humana specializes in dental coverage, life insurance and disability insurance as well as many health insurance options. They provide benefits and services to various companies around the nation. They provide health insurance benefits for various small business owners as well.

Humana health insurance is available through various plans and policies. The company works to offer members flexibility with regards to benefits and provides plans that customers and companies can customize to receive the specific coverage that they need. They offer larger networks that include more than 350,000 medical providers and 3,000 medical facilities and hospitals. Specific health insurance plans provided by Humana include the Portrait Plan, Monogram Plan and the Autograph Plan. Most of the policies and plans provided by Humana vary by state.

Humana’s Portrait Plan is designed for people who want medical coverage benefits similar to those that are offered by larger corporations or employers and those who may plan to use specific medical services in the near future. This plan is best for the self-employed and those who are retiring early or who may work for a company that does not offer group coverage. The Portrait Plan covers 80 percent of allowable expenses and has an unlimited co-pay amount. Deductibles for those in the network range from $1,000 to $2,500 for single policyholders and between $2,000 and $5000 for family coverage. Also included in the Portrait Plan are additional savings options for eyeglasses and contact lenses as well as vision examinations and various laser procedures through providers that are listed in the network.

The Autograph Plan also provides 80 percent coverage shares and is designed for those who want a varied combination of benefits. The discount savings program is also available with this plan and in addition to vision discounts, policyholders are also eligible for pharmacy discounts and various savings on health and wellness services. This plan is very similar to the Portrait Plan with regards to coverage and deductibles. A Health Savings Account is also available for those who choose the Autograph Plan. In-network deductibles for the Autograph Plan plus HSA are between $2,000 and $5,200 for singles and $4,000 to $10,400 for family benefits. The plan also includes a maximum lifetime cap of $2 million.

Humana’s Monogram Plan is designed for those searching for a low-cost alternative to medical coverage. Those who rarely visit the doctor and who are generally healthy will find this plan to be the most beneficial. This is a very affordable health care plan and offers preventative care benefits that provide coverage for annual physicals and eye examinations. This plan offers a 100 percent in-network coinsurance benefit as well as a lifetime maximum of $2 million. The deductibles are around $7,500 for singles and $15,000 for family benefits.

Those who need an affordable plan will find the Monogram Plan the most beneficial. The deductibles are higher which in turns allows the premiums to be much lower. If you choose and remain with the same coverage plan for no less than twelve consecutive months, you receive a guarantee of premiums for that twelve month period. The Monogram Plan however does not have an annual contract. Policyholders can cancel the policy at any time and applications can be done online or with an agent over the telephone.

Humana health insurance also includes Medicare coverage in many instances. Humana provides a wide variety of Medicare health coverage products like Gold Choice PFFS, Gold Plus HMO and Choice PPO in addition to their prescription drug plans and various Medicare Supplement Plans. Humana is currently available in 24 states around the nation and provides healthcare coverage to millions of consumers every year.

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