Humana Dental Insurance

Successful companies will provide benefits such as medical and dental insurance to their employees. Employees can be offered a wide range of different plans that best fit their needs. Employers can offer group plans, individual plans, family plans, preventive plans and traditional dental plans to their employees. Each plan is different and specially designed to meet the many different needs of a company’s employees. Traditional preferred plans deal with oral examinations, X-rays, cleanings and other preventative services. Basic services deal with gum therapy, root canals, emergency pain relief and fillings. Major dental services also available with the traditional preferred dental plan are crowns, bridgework, dentures and other special dental work.

Humana dental insurance policies are described in detail that explains the many different benefits that are made available. Deductibles and waiting periods are also outlined in detail in a comprehensible package that employees should take the time to study. Employees who are offered Humana dental insurance will benefit from being able to select their own dentist. Another benefit that is made available by Humana dental insurance policies are the amount of money each individual can save on dental cost. Employers will pay a certain percentage of the dental insurance along side the amount the employee is paying.

Humana dental insurance polices also deal with PPOs. PPO stands for “Preferred Provider Organization” and deals with an organization providing a group dental plan to their employees. Employees are allowed to select their own dentist as well with a PPO plan. However, not all dentists are a part of the PPO network, and it’s important that individuals find out of their local dentist participates in this network before choosing this plan. Human dental insurance provides a list of dentists in your local area that participate in the PPO network. Employees who sign up for Humana dental insurance will receive an identification card outlining the type of plan they have.

Most employers that offer Humana dental insurance offer four major types of dental plans to their employees. The traditional preferred, PPO, preventive plus and prepaid or DHMO plans are made available. Each plan is slightly different to meet the needs of the employees. For example, the DHMO plan requires that patients use only dentists who are a part of Humana’s network while the other three plans do not. The DHMO plan also doesn’t provide savings for those who choose a dentist a part of the Humana network.

The preventive plus plan does not cover crowns, bridgework, dentures and other special dental services. Employees who are only looking for preventive dental insurance are encouraged to use the preventive plus plan. If you’re looking for plans that cover major dental work, this plan isn’t for you. The lowest priced plan offered by Human dental insurance is the DHMO plan. However, patients are only able to choose specific dentists within the network of the Humana dental insurance network. Humana dental insurance isn’t only available to businesses. Individual plans are also available to those working for a company that doesn’t offer dental insurance plans.

Individual plans are structured in sub plans to meet the demands of many different individuals. Deductibles can range from $50 for each individual to $150 a month for a family plan. Dental insurance can be purchased separately from medical insurance plans. If the individual has canceled their existing medical plan, they are still allowed to keep their dental plan if they wish to do so. Other plans are made available to individuals who wish to package both dental and medical insurance together. Humana dental insurance is used by many corporations, employees and individuals nationwide.

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