High Risk Health Insurance Plans

Medical expenses can be extremely high, especially if you have a medical condition that needs ongoing treatment such as cancer or diabetes. Because medical treatments are so expensive some health insurance companies will deny coverage to the people who need it the most. In fact, health insurance for anyone who already has a pre-existing medical condition is referred to as High Risk Health Insurance. There are some health insurance companies that offer these types of policies, but there are many more medical insurance providers who do not. The policies from those companies that do offer high risk health insurance coverage can be cost prohibitive for most individuals.

Until the recent new health insurance law was passed, obtaining affordable health insurance for someone who has a pre-existing medical condition has been very difficult, if not impossible in some cases. Thousands of people have had to remain uninsured, underinsured or uninsurable altogether. For instance, if a person has heart disease or cancer and is without insurance they may not be able buy it after they develop the disease because they are now considered high risk. This leaves these individuals completely vulnerable to being destroyed financially when they are in need of medical treatment.

The new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was recently passed by congress and it means that changes will soon be taking place so that people with pre existing conditions can obtain high risk health insurance at more affordable prices. However, the changes will not be complete until 2014. Until then, a number of states have already agreed to create their own high risk health insurance pools so individuals who are high risk can obtain it now. They have created these pools in compliance with the new federal law. Federal high risk health insurance is already available now for children who are high risk and will soon be available for adults. State and Federal high risk health insurance pools have been created and individuals that can provide proof that they have been denied health insurance by at least one insurance provider in the past six month can be included in the new high risk health insurance pools. Because of the new federal laws, the Department of Health and Human Services will also provide a high risk health insurance pool for your state if your state does not have its own pool. The Obama healthcare reform law is supposed to make high risk health insurance coverage available to all Americans who are in the high risk category.

Right now there are a number of state pools for high risk individuals which allow individual to choose between HMOs or PPO plans. Individuals in the pools are eligible for a high risk health insurance policy with high deductibles and high co-payments. Although these types of health insurance plans can cost more than traditional type health insurance plans they are worth it when you consider the expense when considering the cost of medical treatment for a pre-existing condition such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease and not having health insurance coverage at all.

When shopping for a high risk health insurance policy, keep in mind that you can apply for a high risk policy through your state. You can use the internet to find a comparison website that will allow you to compare the different plans that are available. You can also call and speak to a knowledgeable insurance agent to obtain competitive quotes in your state for high risk coverage. Many of the insurance comparison sites have a toll free phone number you can call as well as an online chat option.

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