GMAC Car Insurance

As one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, GMAC is setting the pace in several areas in the automobile insurance industry. From discounts to customer service, GMAC is renowned for their innovative approach to insurance.

PAYD Program
Beginning in 2004, GMAC instituted a Pay-As-You-Drive program that offers a discount for low mileage. This discount is available to subscribers of OnStar in at least 34 states with more being added over time. The premise behind the program is that drivers who drive less will be paying less for their insurance which is a great benefit for those who don’t have need to drive on a daily basis such as to and from work. For example, those drivers who drive fewer than 15,000 miles a year with even larger discounts for those who drive even less than that up to a 54% reduction in premiums.

GMAC states that those who switch to their insurance will save an average of $442 per year but could possible realize even greater savings through their SmartDiscounts program. Of course there is a discount for those who drive a GM automobile, have a GMAC mortgage, auto financing through GMAC or are active subscribers of OnStar. Customers receive a discount for paying in full each term, multi vehicle discounts, a loyalty discount when all insured vehicles are GM, safe driver discounts and of course the above mentioned PAYD discount. They also offer discounts to active and/or retired employees of General Motors. As a matter of fact, they even offer discounts to companies (and their employees) that deal directly with GM which is an amazing amount of companies. Of course there are also the standard discounts for having anti-theft devices installed as well as safe driver discounts.

One of the best aspects of having insurance with GMAC is that they have a significant amount of SmartServices advantages such as their SmartParts Promise. This particular program guarantees that there will never be any aftermarket parts used in repairs and that only official OEM products will be used and at no extra cost to the insured. Other services include their SmartInspect program where the vehicle owner can have the car reinspected as many times as they would like after it has been repaired. They guarantee their claims customer service, provide an emergency expense allowance and they provide a theft reward for the recovery of stolen insured vehicles. With a 24 hour claims reporting service and SmartValet, SmartReplacement and SmartInspect, their claims procedure is smooth and extremely efficient which is an invaluable service after the stress of an accident.

Extensive Learning Center
Another of the innovative services that GMAC car insurance provides is an extensive online learning center. There is an abundance of resources on such topics as Insurance Basics, Vehicle Insurance, Home Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, the National Driver’s Test, Insurance Related Sites, GMAC Partners and the GM Family. It is their belief that an informed driver is a safe driver. In keeping with GMAC’s focus on providing discounts to drivers who make efforts to ensure safety of both themselves and their vehicle, GMAC provides these resources to better help drivers protect themselves against loss.

While many people believe that GMAC car insurance is only available to those drivers who drive General Motors vehicles, nothing could be further from the truth. GMAC is, after all, one of the largest automobile insurer’s in the nation which means they insure vehicles from every known manufacturer. With such a great number of available programs it is possible to find insurance that is affordable and with a wide range of coverages.

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  1. I starting selling GMAC car insurance here in Ohio back in April. I am surprised at how often their rates came out the lowest of all the companies I sell. My sales manager is very friendly and helpful. I am very happy with GMAC.