GEICO Car Insurance

The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is a car insurance company who are renowned for their advertising campaign that uses the tagline - "GEICO, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on your car insurance". They now act as the preferred auto insurer for millions of Americans. GEICO are extremely well-known for their flexibility when it comes to insurance quotes and provide coverage for collector and classic cars, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles and motorcycles and ATVs.

GEICO also offers a huge range of car insurance discounts that can allow you to further lower your car insurance premium. The main discounts they offer are aimed at great drivers, safe drivers, mature drivers, military personnel and multicar families. They even offer a group affiliation discount program which means that if you are a member of one of the stated 275+ groups and organisations, you can expect an even larger discount. The group affiliation discount program can offer up to a further 8% discount, will require no down payment, will provide immediate coverage, and will offer reasonable rates at a convenient monthly payment plan.

Once you have purchased your car insurance policy, GEICO offer round-the-clock access to your policy details via their policyholder service centre. This will allow you to log into an online account where you can view your car insurance policy documents, make any changes that you wish to your coverage levels, you are able to add or remove vehicles from your insurance policy, and you can even make payments online or simply sign up for their automatic payment service.

In addition to their online account service you are able to contact GEICO by telephone and speak to a licensed insurance professional any time you wish. Their telephone service will typically allow you to discuss your policy, your specific coverage levels, and will also provide details about claims handling and how to file a claim. In addition to these benefits GEICO also offer numerous payment options with their car insurance premiums. You are able to pay your car insurance premiums annually, monthly, or you can even break your payments up throughout the year to whatever is convenient to you. This may mean that you can make two, three or four payments a year to cover your annual auto insurance premium. They are easily one of the most flexible car insurance providers you are likely to find.

GEICO's car insurance policy also offers an Auto Repair Xpress (ARX) program. Should you be involved in an accident and leave your car in urgent need of repair, you are able to simply drop your car off at any one of a number of Auto Repair Xpress facilities. If you have rental coverage they can supply you with a rental car while evaluating the damage to your current vehicle. Once your car has been repaired both GEICO and the ARX facility will guarantee all of the repairs for as long as you own the car.

GEICO are now known as one of the leading car insurance companies in the United States. They take great pride in customer service and care and even offer a driving program for up and coming and young drivers. You are most likely aware young drivers have the highest insurance claims of all drivers and literally cost insurance companies millions of dollars each and every year. This is where GEICO are able to differentiate themselves from the vast majority of car insurance providers. They will attempt to educate both new and young drivers and allow them to improve their overall driving skills. This, in turn, should reduce the total amount of accidents they are involved in and thus keep their car insurance premiums to a bare minimum.

It is estimated that GEICO car insurance customers are able to save an average of $500 annually. In addition to the standard policies, mentioned above, that they offer they additionally have motorcycle and ATV insurance, emergency deployment insurance, certificate of financial responsibility, accident good driver discount, DUI car insurance, and business or commercial insurance. GEICO offer their car insurance policies in 49 states and the District of Columbia. However, there is unfortunately no GEICO car insurance coverage in Massachusetts. It is also estimated that the discount auto insurance that is available for drivers who have been accident free for over five years, and have a good driving record, may be up to 26% off a standard car insurance policy.

GEICO's innovative sunny day riding program is specifically aimed at motorcycle riders who do not ride their bikes during the winter months. However, with that said, if the sun does come out on a winter's day and it is believed to be warm enough for you to ride, your insurance will still cover you. Another important aspect that you should consider is the financial strength of an insurance company. This is where GEICO is able to stand head and shoulders above many of their competitors as they are known as one of the largest insurers in North America.

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