Farm Bureau Insurance

Farm Bureau is actually a collection of various non-profit and independent organizations that are located in the specific state in which they operate. American Farm Bureau began almost ninety years ago with the purpose of creating a political lobbying force for farmers in the United States. The different associations of Farm Bureau require annual memberships in order to receive various member benefits. One of these benefits is Farm Bureau insurance. Any consumer can join his or her local Farm Bureau, pay the yearly membership dues and purchase automobile, home and/or life insurance products. Most provide various discounts for coverage and many offer health insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield as well as various other health insurance providers.

Other benefits of joining a local Farm Bureau include quarterly publications, various discounts and savings at specific hotels and rental car agencies and identity theft protection. Farm Bureau members who do not purchase health insurance with prescription coverage can also receive discounts on various prescription medications.

Farm Bureau insurance covers different areas. Automobile coverage is the most popularly chosen type of insurance through the company. Farm Bureau provides liability as well as collision coverage for members in addition to comprehensive that provides benefits for damages incurred as a result of theft, glass breakage and/or fire. Other auto insurance options through Farm Bureau insurance include medical payments and uninsured motorist coverage as well as emergency road service and auto rental reimbursement.

Farm Bureau also provides various homeowners’ insurance options as well as rental insurance and business property coverage. Coverage is offered to anyone whether they own or rent their home and regardless of whether they live in rural or urban areas. They are ranked among the most popularly chosen companies for providing home insurance coverage in the United States. Homeowners will find a wide variety of options including property and liability coverage. Farm owners also have various options available to add protection for crops and farm equipment as well as livestock and other farm interests. Rental insurance is provided for those who do not own their homes but want to protect their belongings. In the event of theft, fire and other events, renters insurance pays for furnishings, electronics and other belongings. Commercial or business insurance is offered that provides coverage for physical damage and liabilities for small business risks.

Coverage is also provided for condominiums as well as mobile homes and manufactured homes. Personal fire insurance is offered for rental homes or seasonal homes in addition to various umbrellas and coverage for boats, trailers and motors.

Farm Bureau also provides various life insurance products in every state. Term life, universal life and whole life are all offered. Term life insurance is a temporary policy and is provided for a specific period of time such as ten, twenty or thirty years. Universal life insurance is a more flexible type of life coverage that builds cash value as the policy ages. Whole life insurance also builds cash value but is not flexible like universal coverage. Those looking to purchase life insurance or any other type of Farm Bureau insurance can contact their nearest Farm Bureau agency and speak with an agent about the specific type of coverage that they need. Alternatively, most state agencies have websites where you can look at the specific coverage that you want and even get in touch with a local agent. Farm Bureau takes pride in offering various insurance coverage options at affordable prices. Those looking to purchase insurance from the company should note that membership is required in order to purchase any of the Farm Bureau insurance products. You can contact your local Farm Bureau to learn more about membership benefits and learn the membership fee amount for your area.

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