Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace pet insurance offers a number of plans to ensure that pet owners have the coverage they need to provide their pets with access to the best, quality health care. Unfortunately, many pet owners never consider the importance of pet insurance and when something happens to their pet, they are left paying out of pocket. Veterinarians could tell you countless stories of pet owners who simply didn’t have the funds needed to provide the care their pets required; often in life or death situations. There may be nothing as more sorrowful as losing a beloved family pet because a family couldn’t afford the life saving treatments needed.

With Embrace pet insurance you can choose from full coverage plans or accident plans. It’s important to note, however, that there are certain conditions that are excluded from Embrace pet insurance and before you can select the best pet insurance plan for your situation, you’ll need to determine whether or not your pet has a condition that would exclude him or her from coverage. Exclusions are listed by state and often include things such as DNA tests, cloning, organ transplants, acts of God, nuclear war and the Avian Flu, cosmetic procedures, injuries that are the result of neglect, animal abuse or from racing, injuries that were intentionally inflicted by the pet owner or someone residing in the pet owner’s home, behavioral problems, pregnancy, breeding, whelping, prosthetic limbs, and pre existing conditions. The best way to determine whether or not your pet is coverable by Embrace pet insurance is to speak with a representative and explain your pet’s current situation.

When determining whether or not a pet has a pre existing condition, Embrace pet insurance will decide whether or not your pet is suffering from a curable or incurable condition. Conditions that are considered incurable include diseases such as cancer, Diabetes, chronic illnesses, allergies and more. Preexisting conditions that are considered curable include bladder, urinary tract and respiratory infections. It is also important to discuss with an Embrace pet insurance agent whether or not your pet has had any veterinarian visits or hospitalizations within the past year as this will be used to determine if your pet is eligible for coverage.

Though Embrace pet insurance has certain exclusions and limitations you’ll find that Embrace offers plenty of plans that are preventative and provides generous coverage for genetic and breed specific conditions. There is also an option to choose cancer treatment coverage which is greatly beneficial should your pet be diagnosed with cancer at a later date. Should your pet become sick with cancer you’ll find the treatments are astronomically expensive and finding insurance at that time is virtually non-existent. Choosing Embrace pet insurance before your pet becomes ill is the best strategy you can take.

Many pet insurance policies will not provide coverage for genetic or breed specific conditions. Genetic conditions are those that have been passed from a pet’s generational line and often include some sort of defect in a gene. As many breeds have been bred for hundreds of years in an attempt to bring the most desirable conditions or trait in the pet, sometimes negative traits are also passed down. These genetic defects can result in chronic conditions that may require long term medical treatments.

It’s also important to note that when choosing a pet insurance company some may not cover breed specific conditions as these may not be present at the time your policy starts. This could mean that the pet insurance policy you select will not cover chronic conditions that develop later in life if those illnesses are determined to be the result of your pet’s breed. Embrace pet insurance will cover these breed specific conditions if they show up later in life. As some conditions, such as cancer and allergies, are excluded, make certain to speak to an Embrace pet insurance representative for a complete understanding of the type of coverage they will provide for your pet’s breed. Embrace pet insurance provides many choices for pet owners and offers coverage for a wide variety of conditions.

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