Direct Line Travel Insurance

Direct Line is one of the UK’s largest travel insurance company. Direct Line travel insurance is unlike many others in that you can customize it with whichever features you desire, and sculpt a travel insurance policy that is perfect for your needs.

When thinking about travel insurance, you’ll first want to consider how much time you plan to spend away from home. If you’re going to be gone irregularly or for only a few weeks of the year, it would be best to choose to insure yourself and your belongings on each individual trip. Alternatively, travelers who spend many weeks away from home each year, or who do not wish to be burdened with buying multiple policies should consider Direct Line’s annual insurance policy. Annual travel insurance from Direct Line is not unlimited; however, it does provide protection for several different trips, pending you don’t spend the whole year away from home!

Age restrictions
As with all travel insurance companies, Direct Line does not offer annual travel insurance to those who are over 75 years of age, and will not offer long-term insurance for those over 55 years of age. It is at these ages, actuaries have determined, that health is most likely affected by travel, and that the condition of the traveler can quickly degrade.

While you’re on your holiday, you can expect to be protected against most major perils, including:

Trip cancellation – By far one of the most expensive problems for those going to tropical destinations, trip cancellation is routine in the case of poor weather or complications in airfare or cruise lines. Trip cancellation policies can also be purchased to protect against your own choice to back out of going on a trip, and should be a must-have for pregnant mothers, or those who cannot plan accurately into the future.

Property replacement – Direct Line offers what is known as “new-for-old” replacement of all your valuables or possessions should they be lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. This protection is especially valuable for items like personal computers, cell phones, media players, and other products which quickly lose value after use. Whereas an MP3 player, for example, may cost $200 new, it may be worth only $80 to replace, though Direct Line will compensate the traveler for the cost of buying a new product, even if the one they lost is used.

Keep in mind that property replacement does come with a deductible, which can range from microscopic—zero—to the range of thousands. This deductible will greatly affect how much you pay for coverage, so consider keeping a deductible high enough only to protect your most valuable assets. The loss of an inexpensive pair of sunglasses probably isn’t that big of a deal, after all.

Dependent coverage – Coverage for your children is equally important when planning for your trip away from home, so take into consideration the additional cost of insuring a child, their possessions, and whether or not it is included in the price. Direct Line travel insurance does include the cost of children into a full priced travel insurance policy; however, you can also buy insurance for the sole trip of a child with or without you accompanying them.

All things considered
In the big picture view of your travel plans, travel insurance is a tiny slice of total expenditures with plenty of benefits. Various protections for health, emergencies, and for personal property can be had for as little as a few percentage points of the total cost to travel, making it an excellent buy for the routine and infrequent travelers alike. As always, start looking for travel insurance before you get to the airport. After you’ve reached your destination, or are soon to leave, travel insurance becomes several times more expensive than if you had planned ahead.

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