Direct Line Car Insurance

Direct Line currently has in excess of 5 million customers and offer a wide range of insurance services. They started out in April 1995 with car insurance as their sole product. In fact, they were initially known as direct line motor insurance, but have since expanded their focus in the insurance market. However, that being said they still offer one of the most competitive car insurance products in the marketplace.

Direct Line car insurance is typically always looking for ways in which they can save their customers money. There are renowned for offering a wide range of discounts and product innovations that are generally aimed at bringing down the full cost of car insurance. Amongst their most popular discounts include:

Named driver no claims discount - Direct Line became the first major insurance company in the UK to offer named driver no claims discounts. This in essence will mean that for every year a named driver does not make a claim on their policy, this will be recognized in the following years’ premium. However, you should be aware that this may not be recognized by other insurers.

A named drivers' no claims history will be automatically stored on to Direct Line's computer system, and therefore whenever they apply for a policy they simply need to provide their own details online or on the phone. This will allow them to be immediately identified, and they may be able to receive up to 5 years named no claims discount on their own car insurance policy.

Only driver discount - this car insurance discount is generally aimed at someone who is the only person insured on a Direct Line car insurance policy. If this person were to purchase an additional car that will only be driven by them, Direct Line will then offer an extra discount on the policy for their new vehicle.

Company car no claims discount - this specific benefit will reward someone who has recently relinquished a company car that they had sole use of, as long as they enjoyed claim free driving. Direct Line may offer a discount of up to 5 years no claims discount on any new policy, as long as you are over 25 and it can be confirmed that no claims were made on your company's car insurance policy.

Multi-car discount - Direct Line understand the financial consequences of owning more than one car, and therefore aim to save you money with their multi-car discount. Whenever you insure additional cars with Direct Line, and they are able to identify an existing policy in your household or indeed any policy on which you are a named driver, they will offer you a special 10% discount for your first year. Each year thereafter you are able to take advantage of a 5% discount at renewal.

Breakdown multi-car discount - this form of coverage will allow customers to insure more than one car with Direct Line to receive a discount on their breakdown cover. Direct Line's breakdown multi-car discount can offer up to a 35% saving of their top levels of cover.

Breakdown discount - as soon as you become a Direct Line car insurance customer they will provide you with 25% off their highest levels of UK breakdown cover.

Pass plus discount - Direct Line offer a 5% introductory discount to any new drivers who buy a car insurance policy within the first year passing their driving and pass plus tests. This will typically mean that you will need to have held a full license including the pass plus course for under a year in order to qualify for this discount.

Multi product discounts - if you already have a home or business insurance policy through Direct Line they are able to offer you 10% off whenever you purchase a car insurance policy with them.

As you can see there are various discounts that Direct Line offer with their car insurance policies and you also have a numerous coverage options to choose from. No matter what type of cover you require, you will generally find that Direct Line have a policy to match. Their comprehensive cover will cover you if your car is stolen, damaged by fire or accidentally damaged. This will also provide coverage for any claims made by other people or bodily injury or damage to their property.

Direct Line also offer third party fire and theft coverage. This will cover you if other people claim against you for damage to their car or property, bodily injury, or if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. Their third party only coverage will cover liability to third parties. This may include claims made by third parties, against you, or damage to their property or bodily injury.

You will also find included with your other options is an accident action pack which will guide you through what to do if you are involved in an accident. There is also 24-hour accident helpline which can provide you with expert help and advice at any time, 24-hour windscreen helpline for when your windscreen is damaged, and if you have comprehensive cover you also covered for windscreen repair. They even offer an optional legal protection to help you recover any uninsured losses.

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