Delta Dental Insurance

The largest dental insurance company in the United States is Delta Dental insurance company. Delta dental has over 47 million people insured in over 81,000 employer groups, retiree groups. They are also the biggest dental insurer of veterans. They have 118,000 dental practitioners in their network which can be found in every state in the Union, plus Puerto Rico.

The vast majority of the people who have Delta Dental insurance have very little to complain about and are very satisfied with their dental insurance plans. Delta Dental insurance is available for all family members including unmarried dependent children until their 26th birthday, as well as you spouse or domestic partner. A child who is over 26 and unable to support themselves due to a mental or physical illness will also qualify on your dental plan. Delta Dental plans can also cover grandchildren, stepchildren, adopted children and foster children who live with you and who are dependent on you.

Delta Dental insurance is a Preferred Provider Organization insurance plan known as  PPO. It has two plans, Plan A and a Plan B. If you choose Plan A, it will cover all your preventive services and diagnostic services. There is a maximum benefit amount of $1350 per year. This plan is the most expensive as it covers more expenditures. With the Plan B, only 80% of the costs for diagnostic and preventive services are covered. The maximum benefit amount is $1000 per year. Both plans offer coverage for denture repair, only Plan A covers 80%, while Plan B only covers 50% of the total cost. Both plans pay 50% for the total cost for fillings and root canals as well as oral surgeries. After 12 months both plans will cover certain percentage amounts for crowns, treatment for TMJ and periodontics and dentures.

With a PPO insurance plan you can go to any dentist you want in the organization or network that is licensed and expect to save money. You can also go to any other dentist you want, but you won’t get the discounted price. Delta Dental insurance has negotiated the fees that their dentists in their network will charge and will not pay over that amount. As a consequence, if you go to one of the dentists in their network your out of pocket expenses will be much less.

Dentists that are in the Delta Dental insurance network do all of the paperwork for you as well. Delta Dental pays the dentists directly. As a member, you will receive a statement that will show the services rendered, how much the dentist charged, your co-pay and deductible and the amount that Delta Dental pays. When you have insurance through Delta Dental you will not be required to pay for the services upfront and then wait to be reimbursed.

The reason that Delta Dental is so popular is that their enrollment fees are reasonable and you can go to any dentist you want. People who have Delta Dental insurance tend to go to the dentist more frequently since they do not have to worry about a huge dental bill. This makes for healthier teeth and gums. Going in for regular checkups can prevent larger and more expensive dental problems in the future.

You can go online to a dental insurance comparison site and compare the different dental plans that are available with Delta Dental insurance. Your employer may also be offering Delta Dental insurance. If you can buy your dental insurance through your employer it will be to your advantage as these are the most reasonable rates offered for dental insurance. You can also buy Delta Dental insurance independently. Buying dental insurance is critical for you and your family to help maintain good health for your gums and teeth.

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