Cincinnati Insurance Company

Contrary to what the name might lead you to believe, the Cincinnati Insurance Company is not relegated to Cincinnati alone or even just to the State of Ohio. In fact, they are one of the nation’s top 25 companies in the lines of property casualty insurance and have been in business since 1968 while the parent company has been around since 1951. They are listed as CINF on NASDAQ and can boast a consecutive 49 years of increases in cash dividends. This is of extreme importance because one of the things we look for in an insurance company is the strength of their financial standings. While they do business in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, not all states carry the same insurance products.

Wide Array of Insurance Products
Depending on where you live, there is a wide array of insurance products to choose from offered by Cincinnati Insurance Company. For example, if you live in Georgia you would be able to find Home, Auto, Business, Surplus & Excess or Life Insurance. On the other hand, if you live in Washington State you would only have access to Business, Surplus & Excess or Life Insurance. Those who live in California or Washington D.C. would only be able to purchase a life insurance product. To see which insurance products are available in your area, the official website has an availability map that is clickable. Simply click on your state and a pop-up will tell you which products are licensed to be sold there.

Independent Agents
The company itself has a commitment to the concept of independent agents because they recognize the ability of local insurance agents to identify with the needs of the local community. Cincinnati Insurance Company finds that by placing independent agents at the center of their identity, it will establish a connection to the community which leads to satisfied customers. However, this business approach also leads to low overhead (operational costs) which in turn produces higher than average profits and growth of dividends held by shareholders. Agents work not only from insurance offices but from their homes as well, in the very same communities with the policyholders they service.

How to Find an Agent in Your Area

There are a number of ways you could go about locating an insurance agent in your area which, of course, would include browsing your local telephone directory. If the Cincinnati Insurance Company logo is not prominent on the agent’s ad in the yellow pages you will need to call them individually to see if they are licensed to sell insurance products offered by the company. However, the most expedient way to find an agent close to you would be to do an online search. There may be several different agents within close proximity to you, and you may even know them by name since they are members of your community. Remember, the mission of the company is to keep agents in touch with the community they serve so these agents are likely to be highly visible.

If you are looking for property casualty, life, home, auto or even business insurance, chances are there will be one or more products from the Cincinnati Insurance Company available to you. With a long history of professional ethics and a sound standing on the NASDAQ, you can place your trust in the product or products you purchase from them. Your local agent can advise you what is available in your state and how to qualify for the lowest rates possible.

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