Cigna Dental Insurance

Cigna is a large insurance company that has been in business in the United States since 1937. In 1991 Cigna established a presence in the British insurance market as well. The main insurance products sold by Cigna are dental, medical, group life, absence management and international expatriate benefits.

Cigna offers various dental insurance plans such as PPO, EPO, Flex Advantage, Plus Savings and Dental Care DHMO and traditional indemnity. Choosing the right Cigna dental insurance plan for you and your family can take some research on your part. Having dental insurance is something that every individual or family needs. Diseases related to your teeth and gums can cause other diseases and getting proper dental care is essential. Getting good dental care can also be expensive so people who do not have dental insurance tend to put off going to the dentist until an emergency. Having Cigna dental insurance can reduce your overall dental care expenses and save you the price of emergency dental treatment. Not only that, but most dentists these days will not take patients who do not have dental insurance. Generally an individual has to be signed up with a dentist as one of their patients before they can be seen by the dentist.

The various dental insurance plans sold by Cigna can vary in cost. The best Cigna dental plan for you and your family will cover a wide range of treatments at the most affordable price. Paying a higher premium can give you a wider range of coverage. If you choose a plan that does not include a yearly maximum benefit amount, the higher the premiums will be. If you want to keep your premium amount down then you should choose a Cigna dental insurance plan that is an HMO. When you have Cigna Dental Care DHMO you will need to see a dentist in the network. If you choose PPO plan you will be able to see a dentist outside the HMO network. PPO plans cost more but you can see the dentist of your choice. A PPO plan will also give you coverage for regular dental exams and cleanings. You will also get coverage for braces with a PPO plan.

The CIGNA Dental Care DHMO is a very affordable plan that allows you to see a dentist in the network without paying a deductible. There are generally no claims forms to be filled out with this plan. This plan has various options to choose from. The CIGNA Dental EPO plan insures individuals that allows you to see any provider in their network and allows to you see a specialist without needing a referral. If you choose a CIGNA Traditional plan you can see any dentist you want. However, there is a deductible that has to be met and a waiting period is required with this plan. There is also an annual maximum amount of coverage that you can be reimbursed for.

The most complex Cigna dental insurance plan is the Cigna Flex Advantage. This plan allows you to switch plans on a monthly basis if you want to. This plan allows you to choose the best coverage for your current dental needs. The advantage to this plan is that you are not locked into a specific plan for a specific time period.

One unique Cigna dental insurance plan is their Plus Savings plan. This plan is not really a dental insurance plan but it allows you to go to any dentist and save money on the services provided each time you go to the dentist. Signing up for this plan can save an individual up to 35% off of various dental services. Not all dentists will accept all dental insurances. Before you choose a dentist out of the network make sure that they accept Cigna dental insurance plans.

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