Cheap Dog Insurance

Few people even realize it, but yes, it is entirely possible to purchase insurance for your pets and to do so inexpensively. Compared to human health insurance, dog health insurance policies are less expensive, and far less complicated. Here's all you need to know:

Shopping for Your Policy
The number of policies for pets are about as limitless as they are for humans. From full coverage policies down to accidental and catastrophic insurance, cheap dog insurance policies can cover it all.

One of the most common of the cheap dog insurance policies is a specific ailment policy geared toward one or many common health issues. This allows for flexibility in insuring against breed specific illnesses such as stomach and gestational illnesses in the German Shepard or the hips and joints of your beloved Labrador Retriever. But best of all, since these policies are written against only a few illnesses, they are some of the least expensive policies and provide the most bang for your buck should your pet develop a serious medical condition. Depending on the breed, and the illness or illnesses specified, these policies are frequently written for as little as $10 a month. That's a huge savings over $3-4,000 vet bills!

Accidents and illness policies come second for the category of cheap dog insurance. These policies are written with inclusive language regarding specific health issues, and also include coverage for common pet related accidents.

Commonly insured accidents include: ingestion of foreign matter, vehicular accidents, poison ingestion, skin injuries and lacerations, burns, fractures, allergies and wounds incurred from other pets. Of all the accidents most commonly covered, wounds from other pets are the most popular, since the risk is greatest from both a viewpoint of the pets health, the owner's wallet, and the likelihood of the event. These policies are in the middle range for cheap dog insurance, somewhere between $20-30 per month, depending on the amount of coverage for each accident and illness.

Next are the all-inclusive plans which cover everything from routine checkups to accidents and large scale illnesses. These, of all the insurance policies, are the most expensive, ranging in price from $40-80 per month depending on the breed, age and general well-being of the dog in question. Such policies normally cover almost every out of pocket expenditure and usually have lifetime caps well above $10,000. Consider these plans like managed care, where all the dog's medical coverage will be paid from start to finish with just one monthly payment. While these are not exactly in the league of cheap dog insurance, they are a convenient way to spread out the cost of pet ownership over the course of the pet's life.

Reducing the Cost
Compared to human health insurance, dog insurance policies are far less complicated. There are often no deductibles and no co-pays, but rather a very simple and straightforward compensation percentage from the insurance company. This can range from 50% on lower priced, cheap dog insurance policies on up to 100% for all-inclusive veterinary care. Reducing this percentage is an easy way to lower premiums, though you will be required to make out of pocket payments for each pet visit, whether routine or emergency.

The next criteria that can be adjusted is the lifetime cap on benefits. This amount is the total amount of money the insurance company will pay out over the course of the pet's life. A high cap of say, $25,000 will likely cover every medical expenditure you ever encounter. A lower cap of $3,000 might cover only a few years of care in an all-inclusive plan or one major accident or illness in a catastrophic plan.

Be sure, too, to avoid any overlapping policies. In the case of vehicular accident coverage, some car insurance companies will cover injuries or damages to all passengers, including man's best friend. This is an easy way to save on your future cheap dog insurance policy if you already have extensive car insurance coverage.

Cheap dog insurance can be found and purchased in little more than a day. Even though there is only a small niche segment of insurance companies offering this product, the market for it is growing by the day. With some negotiation, you might be able to insure your pet for life for less than a dollar per day. Now that's a bargain!

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