Baggage Insurance

Before you leave for a trip, you most likely make a checklist of all the items you are going to need to while you are away. Being organized ensures that you won't be stranded without something essential while you are traveling. Unfortunately, regardless of how well you prepare for a trip, there is still no guarantee that during your trip you will have access to everything you packed. The reason this isn't a certainty is because of all the potential problems that can arise and are out of your hands. For many travelers, taking at least one connecting flight is necessary to get to their end destination. However, even if they arrive successfully, the bags they checked may not arrive. While most travelers assume they are protected by airlines, the protection offered is quite minimal. And if one of your carry-on bags is damaged when you place it in an overhead bin, you'll be quite unhappy to learn that the airline provides you with no protection.

Another situation that's out of your control is if your baggage is lost or damaged while you are on a cruise or at a hotel. While airlines provide some coverage for checked baggage, cruises and hotels provide virtually no coverage for any damage or losses that occur. While you can't count on airlines, cruises or hotels to provide you with coverage if something happens to your baggage, you probably assume that your homeowners policy will take care of the issue. Unfortunately, not only is it iffy as to whether or not you'll be covered, but if your homeowners policy does cover you, you will most likely have to pay a high deductible before any coverage kicks in.

Because airlines, cruises, hotels and even your homeowners policy don't provide guaranteed coverage in the event that something goes wrong with your baggage, the only way you can fully protect your baggage is with baggage insurance. Baggage insurance will cover you in the event that your baggage is lost, delayed or damaged.

Lost baggage is a very common problem for travelers. Not only is lost baggage a significant inconvenience, but if you have valuable items like jewelry in your baggage that is lost, it can result in a serious financial loss for you. Fortunately, you can avoid this situation with baggage insurance. Depending on what you are carrying in your baggage, you can protect yourself with $500 to $2,500 worth of baggage insurance. With baggage insurance, instead of receiving pennies from an airline if your bag is lost, you will be able to receive what your baggage was actually worth.

Another potential problem with baggage is that it can be delayed. This can be an especially serious problem for business travelers. If you arrive on time but the bag with your suit doesn't, you may panic about what you are going to wear during your presentation. With baggage insurance, you can receive reimbursement if you need to purchase new essentials because you are unable to access your own as a result of your bag being delayed.

Baggage insurance can also cover damage that is done to your valuables. Considering how roughly baggage handles treat baggage and how crammed overhead bins can get on a full flight, it's easy for valuable items like your laptop or other electronics to be damaged. If you want to ensure that you don't have to foot the bill for any damaged belongings in your baggage, baggage insurance is the best way to protect yourself.

If you decide to protect yourself with a baggage insurance policy, make sure to read what isn't covered by the policy before accepting it. In addition to ensuring that you have enough coverage for the value of your belongings, you will also want to confirm that none of your belongings are excluded from coverage.

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