Asda Travel Insurance

Asda travel insurance is a UK based travel insurance offered by Norwich Union Trading and it can be purchased either locally or online. However, there is a 10% discount when it is purchased online. Similar to many other products of its type, Asda travel insurance has various options available for single trips or multiple trips and there are a variety of coverages that can be purchased.

Single Trip Cover
Single trip cover is simply in effect for one trip only and it is available for anyone 65 years of age or younger. Most common cover would include such things as lost or damaged luggage, sickness or an accident while on holiday or even a stolen wallet/purse. One of the options your travel agent may offer is single cover travel insurance through a company that is ‘in house.’ However, most in-house insurance does not have the range of coverages as does Asda travel insurance Keep in mind that if you purchase your holiday insurance online through Asda you will receive the internet-only discount.

Multi-Trip Cover
For those who travel several times within the course of a year, multi-trip cover might be the best option. This Asda travel insurance option is purchased annually and is good for as many trips as you take within a year but there is a maximum of 31 days that are covered. Annual multi-trip holiday insurance covers the same types of losses as does single trip cover the only difference is that it is in effect as often as you travel unless your trips surpass the 31 day annual maximum.

Optional Covers You Can Choose From
Although there is a basic package with either single trip or multi-trip Asda travel insurance, there are several optional coverages you can choose from. These include:

  • Delayed/Missed departure
  • Cancelled trip fees
  • 24 hour delay resulting in cancellation
  • Emergency hospital/medical benefits
  • Accident cover whilst away
  • Lost/Stolen/Delayed luggage
  • Theft or loss of money
  • Personal liability
  • Legal counsel/advice
  • Mugging
  • Hijacking
  • Lost Passport
  • Winter Sports Cover

Winter sports optional cover includes such things as delays that are due to avalanches or the loss of winter sports equipment. Some winter sports cover also covers damage to equipment as well. Each and every optional cover may affect the price of Asda travel insurance but they are meant to protect you while away on holiday in the event of any covered loss.

Medical Cover While In a Foreign Land
Since Asda travel insurance is UK based, medical coverage would not be necessary when traveling throughout Britain. However, many other countries have National Health as does the UK which would mean that any medical or emergency help required while out of the country would need to be paid for out of pocket. Other countries cannot expect their taxpayers to cover the cost of medical attention for UK citizens, which is why it is important to have this cover when traveling abroad.

Whether you travel seldom or with great regularity, Asda travel insurance provides cover for those unexpected losses that can occur while on holiday or away on the job. In the event that you become ill or injured in a foreign land you can have the peace of mind knowing that your expenses will be covered and should your trip be cancelled you will be able to recover your ticket expenses if you have that cover. Take a few moments to check out all the various options that are available through Asda travel insurance before you take your next trip.

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