American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance was founded in 1927 and is a private mutual company that specializes in a variety of different insurance services. Offering auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance retirement, business insurance, farm and ranch insurance, umbrella insurance and services to those in Mexico, American Family Insurance has an extensive selection encompassing many areas. The company boasts approximately 3,800 independent agents that assist consumers nationwide in choosing the best insurance policy for their needs.

American Family Insurance offers a variety of health care plans including basic plans, comprehensive plans, high deductible health plans (HSA qualified) and Medicare supplement plans. Underwritten by the American Republic Insurance Company, American Family Insurance and policies include a wide selection of discounts consumers can choose from. There are bundled insurance discounts, discounts on auto insurance and discounts on home insurance.

Bundled insurance discounts from American Family Insurance include auto and home combinations, auto and life, cycle and home, home and auto, home and umbrella, and auto and home premium plans. The bundled insurance discounts vary from state to state and may have different policy terms. Speak with your insurance agent to determine which bundled insurance plans offer the best savings for your particular needs.

American Family Insurance provides auto insurance discounts for several situations. Those who include multiple vehicles may qualify for a lower premium. If you have multiple vehicles to insure make certain to ask about any reduced insurance rates that you may qualify for. Students performing well in school may also qualify for lower insurance premiums as well as vehicles that contain air bags. This is due to the fact that the damage to the vehicle, driver and passengers may be lessened during an accident as the air bags will deploy. If your vehicle has air bags check with your agent for any discounts you may be entitled to.

If you’ve held an auto insurance policy with American Family Insurance for at least three years and have a record free of accidents you may qualify for a discount based upon your good driving. Speak with your agent to determine whether your state offers a good driving discount on insurance policies for those with clean driving records. In addition to a clean driving record, certain drivers who participate in a defensive driver class may qualify for additional discounts as well.

Other ways to save on auto insurance include selecting cars that have been deemed safe by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and by choosing to raise your deductible. Those who raise their deductibles will pay lower premiums; however, if there is an accident you may pay higher out of pocket expenses. Be sure to discuss the options available to you with your agent and choose the best policy for your situation.

Those seeking home insurance will find that like auto insurance, American Family Insurance, provides several discounts. Always speak with your insurance agent to determine what discounts may be applicable for your state and personal situation.

Though there are bundled discounts, those seeking discounts on home insurance may find that some of the following discounts will help ensure they pay lower premiums while still enjoying the safety and security of knowing your home is covered. Homeowners who haven’t had chargeable claims in the past five years may qualify for a claims free discount. Additionally, customers who have been with American Family Insurance for the past five years may qualify for a special discount. Certain states offer a new home discount. This is a discount based upon the age of your home as well as when you first moved into the dwelling.

Other factors that may result in a reduction of your insurance includes when you purchased your home despite when it was built, if your home is less than five years old, if you have a home security system, sprinkler system for fire safety or a burglar alarm. Speak to your American Family Insurance agent and make it clear that you would like a discount to enjoy the best savings.

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