American Express Travel Insurance

Because of its popularity among celebrities, American Express is best know for its exclusive Black Card. While this is a very cool offering from American Express, it's far from being the only great product that the company has to offer. In addition to their wide range of credit cards, American Express also provides travel insurance. Because so many of its customers like to travel, it offers a wide range of travel insurance options.

When things go smoothly, traveling can be a very enjoyable experience. However, when things don't go right, a trip that was supposed to be a relaxing experience can turn into a major headache. While there is no way to assure that you won't encounter any difficulties while traveling, you can prepare for them. With American Express travel insurance, you can protect yourself against a wide range of issues that can arise during the course of traveling.

The most comprehensive travel insurance solution offered by American Express is its TravelAssure product. With this comprehensive product, you can have full protection against multiple issues. TravelAssure provides trip cancellation insurance. Trip cancellation insurance means that if you are forced to cancel your trip for a reason that is covered by the policy, you will be able to recover your costs. TravelAssure also features trip delay insurance. If a delay occurs as a result of a covered cause, you will able to get the essentials you need thanks to the TravelAssure program. If you are a frequent traveler, the TravelAssure program can be the perfect way to ensure that you are always protected during your travels.

American Express also offers car rental insurance coverage. While car rental insurance can be obtained directly from a rental car company, American Express provides a more comprehensive and affordable solution. Instead of paying for rental car insurance on a daily basis, American Express charges a flat rate of $24.95 for a rental period. Because you are only paying one flat fee, you can save a considerable amount of money while still getting the protection you need. The other advantage of the car rental insurance offered by American Express is it is primary coverage. Primary coverage means that if an accident does occur, you won't have to file a claim with your own insurance company. With this rental car insurance, you won't have to worry about your own premium going up.

To keep you safe during your travels, American Express offers travel medical protection. While many travel medical protection programs are a hassle to use, American Express makes their program easy to use thanks to offering a single assistance number that is easy to call. Their travel medical protection plan is also comprehensive. Even if you need medical transportation or dental care while you are away, you will be covered by this plan. Their plan is also affordable. Depending on the options you choose, you can pay as little as $7 a month.

While there's the possibility that your bags will be lost while you are traveling, you can protect them with premium baggage protection from American Express. For a bag that is lost, stolen or damaged, this program provides up to $2,000 of protection. Even if a bag is only delayed for three hours or more, you are still protected for up to $500.

Because airlines have been cutting back on their number of flights to save money, delays are more common than ever before. If you get stranded somewhere, the travel delay protection from American Express can provide you with up to $250 per day to use for food, accommodations and transportation.

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  1. We will be taking a trip to peru/amazon in Jan. 2012. I am in the process of looking into travel insurance for both my husband and I. Looking for trip cancellation protection, baggage loss, etc. Please advise rates etc. thanks.