Allstate Insurance

Founded in 1931, Allstate Insurance has lived its dream. It is the largest publicly held insurance company in the United States and sells 13 lines of insurance. Under the slogan of “You’re In Good Hands With Allstate”, it draws its strength from a mission of realizing full potential by leveraging the past success to identify the requirements for future success.

It is all possible; it can be done!
Allstate Insurance boasts a wide base of coverage and service delivery by having largely distributed branches throughout United States. The 13 insurance lines offered by Allstate insurance include auto, life, property and commercial insurance. There are also conveniently handled individual and group voluntary insurance with premiums which can be paid efficiently through automatic bank drafts, share drafts, credit union and income deductions through payroll.

Allstate Insurance has a well-structured customer care services and appreciates the fact that the needs of each family unit are different. This has won it respect and praise by customers who are happy to be part of it. Allstate Insurance not only offers insurance services, but also develops products to ensure that the customer’s individual needs are met. Since few families commit to savings and long-term business ventures, Allstate Insurance offers financial planning assistance to families and the life insurance policies help take care of debts and financial struggles in the event of death, thus alleviating stress for the surviving dependants.

Medical bills that arise through injuries, hospitalization or illness are taken care of by Allstate Insurance through the medical insurance that it offers. The supplemental health policies have benefits that can be used to pay for non-medical expenses arising from the treatment of other diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

Commitment to the service
For an organization to be effective it its service delivery, the employees should be involved in the affairs of the organization in order to feel appreciated. There is a good team spirit and employees are given the best working conditions that helps them perform well. Allstate Insurance has a special website for its agents, making them more accessible. The advanced technology used in the enrolment and benefits selection has improved the performance of the agents. The communication system is very efficient with customers having an easy time in processing their claims by simply downloading the claim forms from the website.

The special governance program, with strong policies and working ethics, ensures quality service with accountability. The culture of a suitable working environment encourages commitment, innovation continuous learning and improvement in the work place. The good relationship amongst the employees encourages collaboration and creates avenues for interpersonal challenges and competition which helps achieve goals more effectively.

The agents, customers and employees are from diverse backgrounds and this has encouraged community services and investments that benefit the community at large. This aspect of diversity also fosters teamwork and readiness to learn amongst the employees. Allstate Insurance advocates an alcohol-free society, supports teens and assists the victims of domestic violence.

A special touch on the auto insurance
The auto insurance offered by Allstate Insurance has adjustable quotes, which vary from state to state depending on the number and type of coverage you buy. However, there are other factors that affect your insurance cost; your age, the type of motor vehicle you drive and your driving history. Some people have a history tainted with driving under the influence of alcohol, careless driving and some minor traffic offenses, which could be costly in sourcing insurance coverage.

Allstate Insurance offers discounts to clients who are still studying, retirees and seniors. The type of motor vehicle you drive can also attract discounts, especially if it is installed with safety gadgets that may lower insured risks.

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