AIG Travel Insurance

You've packed the car and made arrangements for your pets. The newspaper and mail delivery has been temporarily suspended, and bills have been paid for the next month. After surveying a checklist, it is determined that you're all ready for a vacation. But wait! You might have forgotten one of the most important items: travel insurance. AIG is one of the largest insurance companies in the world offering hundreds of different insurance products. One of these products is AIG travel insurance which is sold under the “Travel Guard” brand.

What is Travel Insurance?
Travel insurance is insurance designed to protect travelers while they are on vacation or otherwise away from home. Insurance designed for short trips can protect such items as your health, possessions, rental cars and liability, as well as the cost of your travels. Travel insurance is a product originally introduced by travel agencies as a way to package all the necessary items of a trip into one package. With more and more people going online to make travel plans, fewer are introduced to travel insurance and its benefits.

There are two very basic types of travel insurance, annual insurance and individual trip insurance. Annual travel insurance is often sold ot businesses and individuals who spend weeks or months on the road each year. Through an annual plan, any time an insured person leaves for traveling, their insurance covers them. With an individual trip plan, the insurance is valid only from the time you depart to the time you return home, and does not protect someone from multiple excursions.

Travel Guard (AIG) Travel Insurance
As with most insurance products in the twentieth century, Travel Guard travel insurance is very easily modified to fit your needs. Generally ranging from three to eight percent of the total cost of travel, travel insurance is an affordable way to insure yourself against risk of loss, injury, or financial damages.

One of the biggest financial risks is the cost of the trip itself, which, with travel insurance, is often insured up to 100%. This can include your own voluntary cancellation, work related cancellations, or cancellation from another party. Another possible claim, trip interruption, is also insured should weather, or other interruptions delay or infringe on vacationing or travel time. (Most interruptions are due to unforeseen natural occurrences including the weather.) Should you need to return early, trip interruption coverage also covers the cost of your travel back to home.

Lost or stolen property, including travel bags, is another feature of travel insurance, as well as medical coverage for any injury or illness that happens on the road. It is important to remember that most travel insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, however some will be covered with a higher premium. Also, most health insurance companies do not cover travel related injury, particularly travels outside of international borders, or procedures at out-of-network clinics. Travel Guard policies offer a minimum of $100,000 in emergency evacuation coverage should you need to move immediately to tend to an important illness or injury, or need to travel long distances for medical care.

Other Riders

Insurance policies can be expanded with “riders.” Riders are small provisions that are added to a policy to provide additional protections. These frequently include general liability umbrellas to protect personal assets or adventurous sports coverage. (Medical benefits through travel insurance do not cover accidents related to activities that are inherently dangerous including skydiving, rock climbing, scuba diving, etc.).

AIG travel insurance through the Travel Guard brand is a wise investment for anyone considering a vacation, business trip, or other extended stay in a place other than their home. Travel insurance helps mitigate the risk of property loss, health expenditures related to injury and illness, and protect both your valuables on trips and the trip itself against unforeseen happenings. Before you travel, buy a policy that will protect you and those you love from the risks that emerge on long distance travel. At pennies on the dollar, travel insurance is the least costly insurance available.

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