AFLAC Dental Insurance

AFLAC or the American Life Assurance Company is one of the most reputable insurance companies in the United States. AFLAC was founded by the Amos brothers in 1955 and quickly became hugely popular with more than $388,000 worth of assets in their first year in the business and about 6,426 policy holders. AFLAC caters to different insurances for both group and individual insurances. They have medical, accidental, dental, etc. AFLAC dental insurance is one of the latest insurance policies that the company carries.

Four options available under AFLAC Dental Insurance
Basic Dental Plan - The basic dental insurance covers a discount of $25 per visit no matter what dental procedure that you need, aside from that you are also entitled to a $10 X-ray benefit per year. The basic dental insurance is payable in one year with two premium payments. There is no waiting period, so once you’ve signed up for this dental insurance you can immediately avail the plan. The maximum coverage is $1,200 per policy holder per year.

Standard Dental Plan - The plan is almost the same as the basic except that the benefit is more comprehensive. Your wellness benefit will be increased to $50 per visit while the X-ray benefit is at $25 per visit. The maximum coverage is $1,400 per policy holder per year.

The Premier Dental Plan - The premier AFLAC dental insurance on the other hand is a bit similar to the other two except you that the maximum benefits cover up to $1,600 per policy holder per year; you will also get $50 benefit per visit and $25 benefit for X-ray per year.

Premier Plus Dental Plan - This policy can cover up to $1,800 per year; you will get $75 benefit per wellness visit and X-ray benefit of $25. After using the coverage once, you would need to wait for about 150 days before you can use it again.

The Benefits of Dental Insurance Plans
We all know that having a healthy white set of teeth takes more than regular tooth brushing. In order to keep it white and free from cavities, you would need to regularly visit a dentist. A dental insurance will ensure that no monetary issues will hinder you from getting proper oral care. There are some companies that offer dental insurance to all of their employees yet there are some that do not. If this is your case then you might want to consider getting an individual dental insurance.

There are a lot of advantages of having a dental insurance. In case you are engaged in an accident, medical insurance usually do not cover your dental medical procedures. Dental surgery may tend to be really costly and you surely wouldn’t want your oral health to suffer because you simply don’t have enough savings. Having dental insurance like any other insurance will surely save you during times when you need it the most.

Difference of Dental Insurance and Dental Plan
Many do not understand the difference between a dental insurance and a dental plan. In a dental insurance policy, you will have to take a medical exam to qualify, and when you’re using the plan, you would have to fill out forms before you will be reimbursed. In the case of a dental plan, you will just have to fill out an application and pay for the membership fee, once accepted you can immediately use the card.

The good thing about this is that the discounts you get are straight forward; you don’t need any complicated computation to get the right coverage. The plan will depend on the policy you have purchased. When using a dental plan, your dentist will do the paperwork, all you need is to provide your policy number and you’re good to go. Dental insurance do not cover cosmetic dental procedure while dental plans are accepted to almost all treatments you need.

AFLAC Dental Insurance actually features dental plans suited to all types of users. You can apply anytime and use your dental coverage as soon as your application process is done. Caring for your teeth is as important as caring for your overall health which is why it is vital that you get a AFLAC dental plan for yourself today as the coverage with AFLAC is one of the most comprehensive in the insurance market today.

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