How to Get Affordable Affordable Health Insurance in Texas

Health insurance is an absolute necessity to ensure your well-being. Unfortunately, the high cost of health insurance has made it difficult for many individual and families to obtain the protection that they need. In fact, a recent survey showed that as many as 1 in 4 residents of Texas have no form of health insurance. Whether you're part of this statistic or you're simply looking for an option that is more affordable than what you currently have, it is possible to secure affordable health insurance in Texas.

If you are a low income individual or family in Texas, there are several health insurance options designed specifically for you. The first option is Medicaid. Medicaid is available on a federal and state level. For low income children and pregnant women in the state of Texas, the Children's Health Insurance Program can provide an affordable insurance option. There are also multiple county health systems throughout Texas that provide different forms of affordable medical options for individuals and families.

If you don't fall into the low income category but are still looking for more affordable health insurance in Texas, there are four main types of plans available. Because all four plans have their own set of pros and cons, the option that is most affordable for you will depend on your specific situation and coverage needs. The first potentially affordable health insurance option in Texas is an HMO plan. An HMO plan works by providing you with comprehensive healthcare in exchange for a monthly premium that you pay. A major benefit of an HMO plan is that it provides a wide range of coverage, including an emphasis on covering preventative healthcare costs. Another advantage of an HMO plan is that while you will probably be required to make a co-payment, it will generally be a very small amount. Your co-payment for a visit to the doctor can be as low as $5. The downside to an HMO plan is that you will be limited as to what doctors and facilities you can use for your healthcare.

The next option for potentially affordable health insurance in Texas is a POS plan. This type of plan functions in much the same way as an HMO plan. The big difference is that it gives you a little more flexibility. If your primary doctor refers you to someone who is outside of the POS network, most or all of your costs will be covered. The downside to this type of plan is if you choose to go outside of the POS network on your own, you will be responsible for a potentially expensive co-payment.

The next Texas health insurance option is a PPO plan. This type of plan follows the same basic structure as a POS plan. The main difference between a PPO and POS is that a POS is an alternative option offered by HMO insurance companies, while a PPO is it's own separate type of health insurance plan.

The last main option for health insurance in Texas is an indemnity plan. While this is generally considered to be the most expensive of these four options, the benefits it provides may make it the most affordable choice for some Texas residents. The reason this may be the case is because an indemnity plan provides the most freedom. This type of plan allows you to choose the doctors and facilities you use. While this results in a higher cost, if you are in a situation where you have to use certain doctors or facilities, a Texas indemnity health plan may be the option you need to reduce the burden of your medical expenses.

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