AARP Medicare Complete

Over the past many decades AARP has been an advocate for senior citizens ensuring that they get the maximum amount of benefits for seniors allowable by law. During their years in business they have been spokespersons for seniors and have actually been instrumental in instituting changes so that this group of individuals wasn’t left behind when it came to receiving benefits they had worked for their entire lives which of course includes medical insurance. AARP Medicare Complete is not any new program within Medicare but rather an alternative that many people find preferable simply because of the added benefits they are eligible for.

Main Difference between Medicare and AARP Medicare Complete
Although sold through AARP, Medicare Complete is actually underwritten by United Healthcare Services and is administered through the company as opposed to being administered through Medicare. The federal government contracted United Healthcare Services as administrators which many people misunderstand. This is not a new part of Medicare but rather a plan that is simply administered through a non-governmental entity and as such there may be the potential to receive greater benefits.

Original Medicare
The ‘original Medicare’ is what we now call parts A and B and for so many years that was all that was available to seniors who were of an age to qualify for Social Security. Medicare Part A, in the beginning, was similar in nature to major medical insurance while Part B covered such things as prescription drugs. The system underwent several changes over the years and eventually morphed into what we now know as Medicare Parts A through D.

Medicare Parts A through D
Parts A & B remains pretty much intact with coverage for hospitalization and a certain amount for doctor visits, excluding preventative and prescription drugs. Part C allows for Medigap types of private insurance policies to pick up some of the slack which Medicare doesn’t cover while Part D is for prescription drugs. Medicare Complete is one coverage incorporating all those parts so there is one single policy and not 4 different cards to get out every time the insured needs to see the doctor. Some benefits in Medicare Complete are exactly as those on Medicare administered by the federal government and some benefits exceed those on federally administered Medicare.

Two Main Types of AARP Medicare Complete
There are two main types of AARP Medicare Complete plans, Medicare Complete HMO or Medicare Complete Plus POS. The Medicare Complete HMO plans pretty much cover benefits that would be payable under Original Medicare but the benefits might differ depending on the exact plan. HMO plans require care being given through a network of providers (doctors and hospitals) and some preventative services with a $0 copayment, great emergency care coverage and a certain amount of protection against annual limits of out of pocket expenses. Some of the HMO plans also cover prescription drugs (Part D) and expanded coverage on preventative services. AARP Medicare Complete Plus POS are actually HMO plans offering POS (Point of Service) options. Included in the Plus POS policy is the flexibility to go out of network for providers and services as needed. However, the copayments when going outside the plan are a bit higher.

Unfortunately, altogether too many of us look forward to and count on Medicare health insurance coverage as we approach our senior years. We paid into the plan our entire lives and in return we expect that our medical needs will be taken care of. Since this isn’t the case many seniors are looking outside Medicare insurance offered by the federal government as part of the Social Security System for a plan that has better coverages and lower costs. AARP has been an advocate for the elderly for many, many years and as a result offer, through United Healthcare Services, a Medicare Complete insurance plan with expanded coverage and is affordable to the average retiree.

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