AARP Group Health Insurance

AARP is an acronym that stands for the American Association of Retired Persons. Those over age 50 have the opportunity to participate in AARP group health insurance. Members of AARP do not have to undergo examinations in order to be qualified and can select from various packages that range in price depending on the features. There are policies for every retired person's specific medical needs. This means you won't overpay for features you don't need but will be able to get the features you do require in an insurance policy.

Since 1958, AARP has provided counsel for retired persons looking for health coverage. At that time, add on plans were the majority of what was offered. These add on plans did provide a supplement to Medicaid and Medicare. Under the Options Program, services are contracted and have been since the year 1997. These options include but are not limited to health insurance, vision plans, dental plans, prescription drug discounts and even over the counter medication discounts. These types of OTC products include topical treatments, vitamins and more made for senior citizens.

Members who participate in AARP group health insurance can also get items related to the care of conditions such as diabetes. This includes home health care products for mobility like wheelchairs and walkers. Another program offered by the American Association of Retired Persons is called Health Essentials. This is a catalog for members which offers a discount on exclusive brands. Anyone who is a member of AARP can take advantage of the vision and pharmacy discount services. These are not insurance plans, but discount plans.

The Health Care Options program is a good fit for many retired people because they are able to choose the physicians and hospitals they want to use. There are also no claims to fill out and discounts that can be used. The cost of the premium is based upon the age of the individual. There are fixed costs for each service which include but are not limited to hospital stays and doctor visits. Members of the AARP plan are also eligible for exclusive health information. Changes in rates are not based upon circumstances; such changes are required to be approved by AARP and do have an effect on all group members participating in a particular plan.

You may need to research to see if various benefits and plans are available in your state. AARP group health insurance is available to organizations and companies, which they can offer as a benefit to members of programs for retired persons. Via the AARP, Medicare plans are available in all states. In order for eligibility for AARP group health insurance, there must be at least 25 individuals signed up for the plan. If you are a retired individual, you and your spouse should consider this type of insurance because of the numerous advantages offered.

The AARP is a valuable organization that looks out for the best interests of retired persons. They not only provide health care discounts and insurance policies, but have an informative magazine that features articles about senior health, mental wellness and other issues that have an effect on retired individuals. There are even features and interviews with celebrities of retiree age. If you are over 50, joining the AARP in any capacity is a good idea so you can reap the rewards this time trusted organization has to offer.

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